How to manage the website log correctly (log segmentation)?

The pagoda panel, simple and easy to use the Linux / Windows panel, an easy-to-live, powerful and lifetime server management software, is deeply loved by the veteran. Today, let’s talk about a feature of the pagoda panel: how to manage the website log correctly?

After we installed the good Poetle panel, it is that when you open the panel panel, it will often ignore some operations. For example, the management of the website log, the May May is completely ignored, and finally found a dozen MB size. Website logs O (¨s ¡õ ¨t) O, this is bound to take up server disk memory. Is there a better way to solve this problem?

Dangdang ~ that is the website log segmentation.

First, create a new planning task on the panel panel – log split, as follows:

Special attention is:

Task Type: Select “Log Segmentation”;

Performance: According to your own needs, it is recommended that the recommended website is less.

Cutting website: It is recommended to keep several copies, of course, don’t keep over multiple.

If you also have a pagoda panel, hurry check your website log segmentation?