How to make the new station quickly be included in Baidu (2020 New Guide)

1. Stable server + excellent station program + reasonable website structure 2. Record blank domain name 3. Local build website 4. White Hat SEO Optimization 5. New Station Protection 6. Link Submit 7. Tianji Record Submitted 8. Regular Update article 9. Appropriate external chain directory

The new station quickly allows Baidu to include a lot of difficulties, Baidu is a new station’s income speed, you will hear that some websites are included in one day, some of the week, even have it. I haven’t seen it in a few months. Therefore, how long is the new station that is included in Baidu is a topic that everyone is more concerned. The following May summarizes some of the tips that the new station quickly is included in Baidu according to its own actual operation. How did I let the new station make Baidu included in 4 days?

How to make the new station quickly be included in Baidu (2020 New Guide)

1. Stable server + excellent construction program + reasonable website structure

Stable server + station program + reasonable website structure, this is the hardware of the website. Selecting a stable server is the key. If the website is extremely unstable, the website is always hanging, the search engine spider or user will like this website? Choose excellent building procedures to add flowers on the website, especially those who have benefited from SEO optimization, such as WordPress building; additional, reasonable website structure allows search engine spiders and users to browse in websites to come.

Reference article: What are the common in the “Server Knowledge” “Building system? “

2. Record blank domain name

When many small partners are registering the domain name, it is often only based on their own preferences, but Ignore an important step – check the history of the domain name. If the domain name is used in the past and the domain name being discarded by others, the search engine is estimated to observe a long period of time, even never included you. website. At this time, it is recommended that you should decide to give up the domain name and replace the new domain name. Therefore, it is recommended to check the history of domain name before the domain name is registered;

Of course, you have a relatively excellent old domain name and related to the current content of the website, that would be congratulations, such a domain name will be greatly added to your website. In many cases, we are not excellent old domain names, don’t worry, register a blank domain name without any history to build your website is also very good choice.

Reference article: “Does the domain history have an impact on SEO optimization?”

3. Local construction site

After the website is set up, go online. This process is very important. Some small partners have always built websites online, debug, modify online, very unsuccessful, this will let search engines think that the website is particularly unstable. It is recommended that the initial construction of the website is completed. After the function is debugged, it will be on the line. After the online, it will only need to remain regularly updated the article.

4. White Hat SEO Optimization

Whether a new station can leave a good impression on the search engine and the user, it is recommended that you must use the SEO optimization technique of the white hat. Don’t speculate, collect a lot of articles online to your new station, tell you, don’t smash the current search engine technology, a new station is a large number of collected content, and the search engine is entered into the “cold palace” It is a matter of late and morning, and you can’t have a lucky psychology. There are some original content to regularly, and it can provide users with valuable information. This is a long-term development of a website.

5. New Station Protection

It is recommended that the new station will immediately bind Baidu search resource platform. It is necessary to focus: if your website has been filed, it is in line with the new station site in 6 months and is almost zero, Baidu will make you 2 month new station protection, speed up your website data. How do you do it?

a. Prerequisites: Only for the files filed;

b. Bind Baidu search resource platform;

c. Enter Baidu Search Resource Platform – Site Properties – Fill in the Subject Record Number – Submit;

The problem you may encounter here is that the website is indeed a new station, and the subject’s record number is not filled in, but it is not in line with the conditions for the new station protection. What should I do? How to do? May also experienced it. Don’t give up anyway, I fill in the first day, I will try again next day, I have successfully filled in the third day. If you have not succeeded, it is recommended that you feedback on the Baidu search resource platform, let customer service to help you solve.

d. Link Submit – Manual Submit – New Station Data

You can submit up to 10 links per day, and a total of 300 have been submitted.

Since it is the welfare given by Baidu, it is very helpful for speeding up Baidu’s income!

6. Link Submit

Take advantage of the “Link Submit” function of Baidu search resource platform, automatically submit and manually submit. The new station, there are more submissions to Baidu’s normal return.

7. Yeung Include Submit

On the “mobile zone” of Baidu search resource platform, the site binds the bear’s paw ID, open “Site Day Record”, where “manual submission” does not have any technical threshold, just need to submit the link every day. Just starting the day of the day, the quota of the daily quota is 10, and the new quota is intelligently assessing according to the overall quota usage. 8. Regular update articles

After the new station is online, it is recommended to update the original article daily and share valuable information for users. Search engine spiders will also visit the website and you will find that the spider is not much frequent. In this case, we need to seize every opportunity, create content on the website as much as possible, so that the spider can see fresh content each time, this will attract the spider to visit and increase the frequency of access.

9. Appropriate outer chain

Increase the way the outer chain is more, such as placing your own website on some platforms or exchange the friend chain with other sites, of course, as much as possible to properly place your links properly, the spam is not considered. I remember that I can’t get a short time in a short period of time, and I will be nature.

Recently May is also operating a new site, allowing Baidu to include in 4 days, and constantly incorporates a source of origin every day. You can refer to the index of Baidu search resource platform:

The above is some of the techniques I shared by the new station quickly by Baidu, and it is also based on their actual operation.