How to improve website traffic?(4 effective methods)

I. Place an advertisement. Page search engine optimization three. Extend long-tailed keywords.

What is the purpose of ask the website? Of course, it is a constant traffic, and then transforms. Traffic is a target of a website, if there is no traffic in a website, it is difficult to continue. Maybe you will say: How to improve the website traffic is so difficult. You have made a variety of attempts on the website, big and small changes, and traffic still doesn’t have a big day, and don’t you have to waste these efforts? You just want to improve our website traffic, let more potential customers see the content on the website and promote more sales and business growth. So how do I improve website traffic? Try the following four effective methods.

How to improve website traffic? (4 effective methods)

I. Place an advertisement

In the past, traditional advertisements are often magazines, television, broadcasting, billboards, flyers … With the development of the times, people began to rely on the power of the network, and throw advertising information to the Internet from the Internet through the line. More precise user groups.

Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising, such as Baidu promotion, Google ADS, etc. These are used in a relatively wide online advertisement. You can put advertising for keywords related to business objectives, and relatively reasonable charges.

2. Social media advertising

Social media advertisements, such as WeChat, Weibo, Linkedin, Instagram, etc., all user data collected by the platform: age, gender, occupation, geographic location, hobbies, interest, etc. to match the appropriate advertisement and display advertisements.

II. Page search engine optimization

Page Search Engine Optimization, optimized for many aspects to attract the attention of the search engine.

Title Title Tags

The header tag of the page appears in the search results, the search engine crawler is from left to right, the user reading is from left to right, so putting the main keyword forward as much as possible.

2. Description page description

The page description is a small text that appears under the title of the search results, and it also needs to inject keywords, enough attractive, attracting the user’s click.

3. H Title Tags

H Title Tags are also very important, especially H1 tags, starting with the page at starting and containing important keywords; for the second important sub-tag uses H2 tags, the subtitle of the next level uses H3 tags. H1 ~ H6 importance is sequentially decremented, and the H1 tag can only appear once, and there will be H1 tags in H2 tags.

4. URL

The URL of the page should be as short as possible and make sure that each page has a unique URL.

5. Alt Image Text Tags

The search engine cannot read the content on the picture, so the ALT text tag can help search engines understand the picture content. It is also a very good practice if the keyword is integrated into the Alt tag.

Three. Expand long tail keywords

Why is the long tail keyword screwed separately? Long tail theory, the effect of Missha Cheng Tower believes that most people will find out that the huge traffic brought by a large number of long-tailed keywords can drive the progress of the entire website, regardless of the level of competition from key words, long-tailed keywords It can bring huge benefits to the website, so the website extension long-tailed keywords are very necessary!

IV. Website

Finding more potential reverse links not only promotes page collection, but also promotes the ranking of the entire website. There are a lot of ways of external chains, such as blogs, Baidu Baibo, go to other websites, social media, exchange friendship links, etc. Previously, the construction is more careful, and today, with the continuous upgrade of the search engine algorithm, the quality of link quality is the key to the success or failure of a website outside the website!

Improve the website traffic is not a day two days, it is often necessary to need a lot of time and energy, and the quality content is premise, the post-operation is the key!