How to fully have a comprehensive website analysis in the SEO perspective (others website)

I. 1 Access II. 3 Inquiry 3. 2 Reference 4. 3 Setting 5. 3 Elements 6. 3 Friendly Directory

As a SEO optimization personnel, the website analysis is a skill that must be mastered, whether it is to analyze your website or someone else’s website. If you can’t even find the most basic questions, then you have a certain distance from a qualified SEO person, you need to settle down and continue to learn. The SEO circle also has passed a sentence that the masters said: Analyze more than 5 websites per day, your SEO analysis ability will be significantly improved! That, how to fully use the SEO perspective (others website)?

How to fully have a comprehensive website analysis in the SEO perspective (others website)

Analyze the website of others, the most important thing we can’t see some of its website, can only analyze the entire website through some queries of the surface, so the difficulty will greatly improve. Below May, give you some ways and techniques that some stations in the SEO perspective are fully understood.

I. 1 Access

1. Whether the website can be accessed normally

The open speed of the website is the first impression of the search engine and the user. If you have a wait for a few seconds, you will not be able to open it on the website.

2. Is there a smooth website?

The website is randomly opens some web pages in the browsing process, check whether the dead chain, broken chain, etc. will appear.

Two. 3 query

1. Query website domain age

Through the webmaster tool, love station network, etc., the website domain name can be inferred to process how long the website has been operating.

2. Query the history of the website domain name

With domain name history query tool, you can roughly inferior the history of the website. There is a domain name with black history is not conducive to the late SEO optimization, and various performances on the website will be greatly reduced.

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3. Query the website’s preferred domain

Inquiry WWW or the domain name without WWW, you will be inquir to jump to the specified domain name. If you unify, the website domain name has been redirected, and the non-preferred domain jumps to the first choice. On; if it is not uniform, no 301 redirection is made, and the weight of such websites is difficult to concentrate.

3. 2 reference

1. Use the Site instruction to query the overall website of the overall website and Baidu snapshot date

Baidu: included and snapshot

2. Use the third party stationmaster tool to check the information of the website and the snapshot date

Such as webmaster tools, love station network, etc.

Of course, the two methods mentioned above are for reference only.

Four. 3 settings


Robots.txt is the Robots protocol, check whether the written is correct, whether it has a shielded spider.

2. Sitemap production

Site map, boot search engine spider quickly grabbed website content, increase Baidu included.

3. 404 page

When there is an error page or the page you can’t find, the website has 404 pages and can return to the 404 status code correctly, which can effectively guide the user to return to the website home page or other page to reduce the website jump rate.

5. 3 elements

1. Web Title Title Tags

1. Write around the topic of the web page.

2. Do you contain a keyword.

2. Webpage Description Description Tag

The content in the Description tag is very likely to be summarized in the results of the results, so Description is more important.

3. Website keyword Keywords label

As for the KeyWords label, there are many websites that have been abandoned, which is no problem; there are some websites to keep the Keywords tab, check whether there is too much or stacked.

Sixth. 3 friendly

URL friendly

1. The URL hierarchy is short, as far as possible to maintain three levels, the level is too many for the search engine, the search engine spider crawling web page will have some time;

2. Website URL uses static or pseudo static as possible, so that the open speed of the web page and the website are included;

3. Bakery navigation, easy users to understand what location is currently in the site, pay attention to the user experience, but also increase the inner chain for the website.

2. Picture of ALT friendship

Website images add ALT tags to facilitate search engine identification pictures, understand the content described in the picture;

3. Content friendship

Whether the content on the website can meet the original content of the user needs, and the user’s residence time and feed rate can help the search engine spider understand the content of the website content.

Website analysis is a fine, involving both squares. The above is some insights of May, welcome to exchange guidance.

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