How to determine a website compliant with the SEO website standard?

SEO building standard 1. Simple atmosphere page design SEO construction station two. Clear navigation SEO construction station three. Flat tree structure SEO website four. Static page SEO Building Station 5. Site Map SEO Building Station 6. 301 Jump SEO Building 7.404 Page SEO Site Eight. Robots.txt Directory

More and more small and medium-sized enterprises or self-media people realize the importance of building independent websites, forced to have limited capacity, choose payment to build a website, but because they don’t understand the fish’s mixed outsourcing market, often throw it in However, it did not achieve its ideal effect. Whether you are looking for an outsourcing station company or a station, in order to build the ROI (return on investment), it is recommended that you have to combine the SEO website standard, so you can see this article.

SEO Building Standard 1. Simple Atmospheric Page Design

With the constant popularity of simple styles, more and more users like simple and simple, simple, do not need to get too much text or pictures or even decorate, and simple pages are more highly high.

SEO Building Station. Clear navigation

Clear navigation is an important part of the design of the website, and the website information architecture is significant. Standing in the search engine, try to use the most common HTML text navigation, do not use pictures navigation, do not use JavaScript, Flash to make navigation, ordinary HTML text navigation is the smallest search engine resistance, more conducive to crawling and crawling; In the user’s perspective, the website navigation can solve two major problems, the first is where I am now? The second is where I will next? Therefore, May strongly recommends that your SEO construction site uses breadcrietary navigation, whether the search engine is still a user, is the best way to determine the location of the entire structure of the website, especially large and medium-sized websites.

SEO construction station three. Flat tree structure

Many bloggers have recommended flat website structures, and May ideal is a flat tree structure, that is, home – column – Article page / product page, level as possible, flat, so search engine crawling and grabbing Easy; but the scalability is strong, when the content is increased, it can be easily copied by adding the column. Unclear SEO Website is a friend who chooses a flat structure or a tree structure. You can read “SEO website is a flat structure, or is it a tree structure? “.

SEO Site 4. Static page

What is a static page? The static page is a fixed URL. The content on the web page is fixed, and does not change with the access of different browsing. For search engine spiders, prefer static pages, because the static page does not have to call the database, that is, directly access, not only improve the access speed of the website, but also contribute to the crawling and crawling of the spider. For SEO Site static pages and dynamic pages or unclear friends, you can read “Analyze Static Page, Dynamic Page, Difficult Pages”.

SEO Building Station 5. Site Map

Site map, that is, Sitemap we often say, some people say SiteMap can be available. First we have to figure out what is the website map? And what is the advantage of the website map? Site Map is a page with all links on the website to help search engines find links to our website. And the site map is divided into two, one is to see the search engine, the common format is .xml, and one is to give the user, the common format is .html. Whether it is a search engine or a user to access your website, it is like coming to a strange environment. If there is a website map existence, it can better help search engines and users guide the direction of the way forward, for the SEO construction site, It is still necessary. If you are using the WordPress building, you can read the “Site Map Production (WordPress Free)”.

SEO Building Site. 301 jump

Just newly built websites generally face the first choice to bring WWW or do not bring WWW, for users, the content seen is the same, these two pages are different; but for search engines, two different The content seen by the URL is the same page, which has been repeated, so use 301 jump energy to solve the problem of the SEO building station’s first choice, before the website is on the line, must check if the website is already doing 301 Jump. If you don’t know how 301 how to do it, you can read “3 methods for implementing 301 Jump / 301 Redirection”.

SEO Jewel Station Seven. 404 Page

404 page is a link that everyone is easier to overlook in the construction of website, in fact it is very important in the SEO website. There will always be links to fail or loss in the website, and the 404 pages can avoid the embarrassment of the page. Imagine, whether it is a user or a search engine, The appearance of the 404 page can tell the user or the search engine page error, guided to access the home page or other pages in time. For children’s shoes that are not particularly known for the 404 page, you can read “404” just just design well, is this enough? “SEO website eight. Robots.txt

Robots.txt is an agreement that tells the search engine website which pages can be grabbed, which pages cannot be captured. Especially before the website is not online, the website structure will change frequently. It must check if there is robots.txt is the discourse of search engines; after the website is online, Robots.txt declares that the search engine is allowed to access. Don’t know Robots.txt children’s shoes, you can read “What is Robots.txt? How to view robotx.txt? Robots.txt limit How to release? “.

More, I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding and understanding of how to judge a website in accordance with SEO website. To know more friends, please remember to continue to pay attention to May’s SEO blog.