How to delete Baidu snapshots?(The latest 2020)

Whether it is just a newcomer, or old birds, in the process of website optimization, we will encounter a website revision, such as: Articles modified the title, description, etc. Or the original title and content. This shows that Baidu snapshot has not been updated. If you wait for Baidu spider to find it again, this wait time is relatively long for us. So, how to delete Baidu snapshots? This is one of the necessary skills necessary for SEO optimization personnel.

You will see that many articles are the following SEO tutorials to teach you how to delete Baidu snapshots. Please read the full text. Focus on the end of the article! Focus on the end of the article! Focus on the end of the article!

Baidu officially provided the entrance of the snapshot complaint, free processing of web snapshot update, deletion and other issues. The speed of its processing is still very fast.

Feedback Notice: Baidu as a search engine, only for netizens with information retrieval services, it does not edit the original content of the third party website, and the corresponding content does not represent Baidu’s views and positions. If you want to delete the content on a third-party web page, it is recommended that you contact the original website directly to modify and delete. Baidu will automatically update all the web pages regularly (including remove the invalid link, update the domain name change, update content change). If you need to increase your processing speed, please ensure that the original website content has been deleted or updated, fill in the snapshot or index link in the table below, and the system will automatically handle your needs. Click to see how to get Baidu snapshots or index link addresses. When the snapshot of the search results are deleted or updated, the content of the mobile phone will be deleted or updated synchronously.

STEP 1. Find the page search result of the snapshot unrecognized or deleted

Step 2. Get Baidu snapshot link

STEP 3. Baidu snapshot complaint

Paste the copy of the replicated link, then fill in the mailbox, you can only submit 12 complaint links at once, Baidu receives feedback, will update Baidu fast station in time; for the already deleted web page, it will also delete the snapshot in time.

However, in March 20020, Baidu closed the above complaints snapshot window. Don’t worry, tell your new way to delete Baidu snapshots. Enter the link to update the snapshot in the search engine, as follows:

Baidu web search results Bottom Feedback Office submit a complaint

User Feedback is found at the bottom of the search engine results, and then locates the search result to update the snapshot.

Baidu snapshot complaint

How to delete Baidu snapshots? Before March 2020, it was a special Baidu snapshot complaint window. It is now Baidu has closed its window; the fastest solution is to find “user feedback” directly in the search results page, locate the snapshot to update, to delete Baidu Snapshot handling.