How to delete Baidu index?

Step 1. Find and resolve the dead chain Step 2. To Baidu official complaint

Yesterday I wrote “What is the case need to delete Baidu index”, I received a lot of small partners’ private messages or messages asking how to delete Baidu indexes. First of all, let’s first understand, delete Baidu index, is it to completely delete the record record in Baidu? Yes. But someone will ask: index = included? This statement is wrong, Baidu’s income is not equal to Baidu index, and the web page is included, it is not necessarily indexed by the search engine; the web page is indexed, the prerequisite must be included by the search engine. Therefore, the two between the two cannot be directly marked, and the Baidu record record is deleted at the same time to delete Baidu index. I haven’t understood children’s shoes, haha, pat your head (* ¡¥) ¡¥).

To delete Baidu index, in short, it is to delete Baidu included. We talked about what the Baidu index was discussed yesterday: 1. The page has been deleted; 2. Website content changes; Summarizing the page needs to be deleted or deleted, which will cause a lot of death link, so the first step is to first find these dead chains, then solve these dead chains; the second step is to complain these dead chains to Baidu, Let Baidu officially delete these indexes.

Step 1. Find and solve the dead chain

In the Seo blog in May, there have been discussions to the dead chain related articles, such as: “How to check the website dead chain (and the dead chain processing)”, “dead chain testing tool (automatically submit to Baidu, against the sky) “Wait, if you also use the WordPress building station, May strongly recommends that you use the automatic submission to Baidu’s death chain testing tools, it is really ahead. It is very convenient because you don’t need to manually find it and submit it. And you can view specific links through the deadlinks.txt.

Step 2. Baidu official complaint

Complaints these dead chains to Baidu official, the best way is Baidu snapshot complaints, telling Baidu: My page deleted, you need to completely remove this page completely from Baidu. In this way, is the Baidu index be deleted?

Find your dead link link ¡ú Go to Baidu search ¡ú Find Baidu snapshot link ¡ú Baidu snapshot complaint.

If your website’s dead chain is more, the best way to copy each Baidu snapshot link, then go to Baidu snapshot complaint, one can only complain to 12 links at a time. There are also some Baidu snapshot complaints, which is not used by BAY, so I don’t recommend it here. Baidu snapshot complaint, you can refer to the article “How to quickly update or delete Baidu snapshot? (SEO must-have skill) “.

In fact, delete Baidu index, wrap around, the returnest is the Baidu snapshot complaint. Now, do you understand?