How to choose a suitable WordPress topic?

1. Depending on your needs and budget 2. Note Code Quality and Standard 3. Make sure there is support and update 4. List the function directory you need

As WordPress is increasingly popular, a variety of WordPress themes, such as bloggers, magazines, video classes, pictures, etc. It can not be exaggerated to say a lot of WordPress topics, and the quantity is increasing. So, a very real problem: How to choose a suitable WordPress topic? I hope this article will relieve confusion in your heart.

1. Depending on your needs and budget

Of course, this is the first question. You must understand your needs. First, figure out the nature of the website you are building or running. Is it a video website or just a simple blog? Do you have a lot of pictures? Once you have a good demand, you can list the WordPress topic that best suits you.

In addition, your budget is also very important. Before you understand how to choose a WordPress topic, you need to know if you want to spend money. You may find that many people tell you that all the free topics are not good, but please don’t adopt this suggestion. After all, WordPress is a good certificate, because WordPress is free, is it not good? A good free topic follows the coding standard, although it may have no quality technical support, but also maintains regular updates, such a topic is difficult.

2. Note code quality and standard

The WordPress theme code is incorrectly impossible for your website performance. It may make the website open speed, allow spam blocking databases, and even easily attacked. Therefore, select the latest coding standard and a safer topic.

Haha, it’s easy to do it. After all, you may not be able to open each file included in the theme package and conduct your school! In fact, there are two shortcuts. First, consider only those topics from well-known providers. Similarly, only the topic of downloading only the number of downloads. This way, you can avoid garbage and bad code. Second, you can check the plugin with the topic. It scans your WordPress theme and provides feedback on code quality.

3. Make sure there is support and update

If you choose a paid WordPress topic, you should always have advanced support to provide you with the appropriate guidance and help you solve any difficulties you have encountered in the topic.

However, if you choose a free topic, there will be no technical support. You need to find answers in the relevant forum or the Internet or seek other related personnel.

Similarly, the WordPress topic should be updated regularly. Over time, new security patches, repair errors, and more need to be applied. The theme of unregistered updates is not an excellent topic. To check the update frequency, consider the change log for viewing the topic. Typically, it is well analogy to the activity of the subject development process.

4. List the features you need

List your ideal WordPress topics to implement or must implement a list of features. Yes, this does depends on your needs.

However, some features are always required! For example, your WordPress topic must have a responsive feature and friendly mobile device. If your topic is unable to respond, your website will suffer losses. Another thing, such as basic custom features, you can customize the adjustment home page and color scheme, isn’t it?

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In summary, if you still want to know how to choose a WordPress theme, please refer to these points: 1. You will never know what theme source is trustworthy, choose a reputable theme store or see the recommendation in the WordPress official directory is comparison Safety. 2. If your topic does not allow you to customize or adjust the code file, don’t use it. The code file you have an informed right, as for you to determine if you need a custom or edit any code by yourself. 3. Do not use the subject of the mobile device. 4. Don’t choose a senior complex topic without technical support, unless you understand the technology, please don’t try it easily.