How to ban Baidu included non-preferred domain?

I. Baidu Site Results II. Webmaster Tool Checks the First Domain III. Google Site Results IV. Solution 5. Inspection

I. Baidu Site Results

May use the Site instruction to roughly query the website in Baidu, find a problem, site:, found that the search results have a with WWW. with www is actually ranked first; is ranked second. So in Baidu, the result is as follows:

This result allows May special accidents. MAY determines the first selection of the website at the beginning of the station, and the as the first domain.

II. Webmaster tool check preferred domain

In the webmaster tool, you can also query the domain name with WWW to jump to without WWW.

III. Google Site results

Perfect ~ Google’s result makes me particularly satisfied, Google fully recognizes the setting of the first domain. Is Baidu not recognized 301 jump? For Baidu, I can only huh. Baidu also included the and and generated by the WWW.

Four. Solution

1. In the WordPress Theme Root Catalog New WROBOTS.TXT, the code is as follows:

User-agent: * dispow: /

Tell the search engine to prohibit any content.

2. MAY is using a virtual host

RewriteEngine onRewritecond% {http_host} ^ [nc] Rewriterule ^ robots.txt wb ^t ^t ͼt

Tell Search Search WWW Reference Please refer to Wrobots.txt, prohibit all contents of the of WWW.

3. Baidu complaints snapshot

A link to the Baidu complaint platform will be complained.

Fives. an examination

1. Enter:

2. In the browser address bar, you will jump directly to

The above is written on December 17, 2018.

On December 20, 2018, go to see the included information of WWW’s, only 1 record is left, and prompt:

Since there is a restriction instruction (restricted search engine crawler), the system cannot provide the content description of the page.

Note Robots.txt with WWW has begun to take effect. But Baidu still indexs this non-preferred domain name. Anger ~

On December 21, 2018, then view Site:’s results, can’t find, Baidu is not a wind?

So this approach is only suitable for the setting of the new site. For the old station, it is still unable to shield a non-preferred domain.