How to analyze the website log?

1. What is the website log? II. How do I find the website log? 3. How do I open the website log? 4. What can we analyze through the website log? content

1. What is the website log?

The web log is a file that records the Web server reception processing request and the runtime error.

1. Learn about users

Can you know what IP, what time, what operating system, what browser, what is the resolution display, and whether to access the site without any time, what is the resolution display;

2. Monitor search engine spider

Monitor the details of the search engine spider crawling website.

II. How do I find the website log?

Below I use the host is a virtual host, the program for building the website is WordPress as an example, quickly find the website log.

STEP 1. Website Log Download

Host Management Control Backstage – Site Information – Website Log Download

Step 2. Log in to the FTP download log file, in the wwwlog file:

3. How do I open the website log?

STEP 1. Unzip – get the .log file, open through the TXT text

You will find that the file is very chaotic, what should I do?

Step 2. With the Excel form (the Office2007 used by May, the different Office versions may be slightly different.)

2.1. New an Excel form, open the form – Data – Self Text

2.2. Find the website log file, open

2.3. Please select the most appropriate file type, check “Separate symbol”, next step

2.4. Please set the separation symbols contained in the list of data, check “Tab” and “space”, next step

2.5. Set the column data format, check “General”, complete

2.6. The data location is placed in the first line of the first line.

2.7. EXCEL form Perfect display website log

2.6. Download the Excel form, insert the header into the first line, as shown below: Extract: 15rb

Excel form (with head)

4. What can we analyze through the website log?

1. View which pages returned by the HTTP status code is 404, what is the problem? If it is a dead end, go to the webmaster platform to submit;

2. View whether the search engine spider visits our website

Baidu Spider: Baiduspider

Google Spider: Googlebot

360 Spider: 360Spider

Bing spider: bingbot


Check out which pages have visited the search engine, how long to visit, analyze the frequency of search engine spiders, which is beneficial to update the article before the spider visit.

3. Is the website space safe and stable?

In accordance with the situation of the website log, check if the website is looking for a safe vulnerability.

A qualified SEO optimization personnel must not only optimize the site site, don’t forget to analyze the website log ~~