How to analyze the competitors website (SEO optimization personnel must see)

I. Analyze the number of competitors website. I analyze the situation in the station of competitors. Analyze the list of external chains of competitors website

There is a very important job in SEO optimization work is to analyze the competitors’ websites, constantly adjust your website optimization strategy, thus surpass our competitors and get higher ranking. Some small partners don’t even know their competitors. it’s actually really easy. For example, we want to do a keyword rankings, directly on Baidu search this keyword, and the top of the first page is a competitor. We do SEO optimization, you have to know yourself and know each other, you can stand out in many websites. Since I found a competitor, how should we analyze the website of our competitors?

I. Analyze Competitor Website Collection

First use the Site directive to query the amount of competitors, whether a website has ranking, first there must be included, including a website rankings. But here also explain that the income amount and the ranking have no most direct relationship. It is not possible to say that a website is colored, the higher it, because it will be affected by many factors such as weight. We must make a clear understanding of this logic. We look at the amount of competitor website, which can generally see how much is the content of this website, and how big is large.

Second. Analyze the situation in the station of competitors

Webstrual weight and traffic

Through the webmaster tool, we can probably know how much the competitors’ website weights are the approximate number of competitors average the daily access to IP, which can know the gap between our compete between the competitors and clear what they need to work.

2. Age of domain name

Compared with the new domain name, the old domain name has a congenital advantage. Through the domain name of competitors, you can have a long time to operate.

3. Key words and keyword rankings

The number of key words can determine how many keywords in the competitors website are ranking in the first few pages of the search engine results; it can also see the ranking of specific keywords.

4. Baidu snapshot

Baidu snapshots can reflect the degree of update of a website to a certain extent. If the snapshot time of a website is far from the difference, the search engine is still relatively small to capture the website.

5. Whole station structure

Analyzing the structure of the competitor’s website is the flat structure or a tree structure; whether the website catalog or navigation is conducive to the search engine crawler; Whether the website sets a website map; Whether the website sets 301 jump, 404 page And robots.txt, etc .; handling whether there is a lot of dead chains.

Three. Analyze the situation of competitors website

Many SEO optimized people think that the search engine is getting higher and higher for the content quality requirements of the website, and the outer chain is no longer so important. But is the outer chain really not important? Don’t you do it again? No matter how the search engine algorithm changes, May believe that high quality outside chain can still help search engines find your site; you can also add users to visit your website.

Query the outer chain of competitors, there is currently no free querying the anchor text, which is available in which places can be queried by the Domain directive. Detact How do you check the outer chain of competitors when you can see the SEO optimization? “This article, which has a detailed introduction.

In addition, today May queried a lot of websites outside the website, and found that many websites were directly purchased. If the outer chain wants to surpass the competitor in a short time, and once the website can bring huge benefits to the first page, you can consider direct spending money to buy the outer chain, there is something to get, this is a short time The simplest is the simplest way is also the cheapest way. However, when we purchase the outer chain, we must pay attention to whether the website is related to the content of our website, but also look at the snapshot of the site, the number of information, the website size, export link, and the website keyword in Baidu’s rankings, etc. .

Many Seoer will optimize a website for a period of time, often encounter bottlenecks, can’t break through themselves. In fact, there is a good way to analyze our competitors’ websites, adjust the SEO optimization strategy, and constantly improve your SEO skills.