How is the old content on the website?

Why can’t you keep all content? How is the old content on the website? content

Writing an article may be a challenge and a very hard work, but a certain day of the future, you may be proud of your creation. You will never lose the beautiful articles, right? But what should you do for the real very old content? Should you keep this? What is the old content on the website correctly?

How is the old content on the website?

In this blog, I will explain why you can’t keep all old content. Also, I will also explain which types of content you should reserve on the website and which types of old content should be deleted.

Why can’t you keep all content?

Even if your content is really great, you also need to perform some cleaning regularly. Otherwise, it will affect your website in search engine rankings. You will find that only a few pages will always be discovered and click to view. For any specific query, the search engine will only display 1 or 2 results from the same domain in the search results. If you are a high-level limit, you may get three results.

If you have written 3 articles for the same or very similar keywords, you will explain the limited space in your competitive search results. You will make the search engine feel very confused. That’s why you can’t write blogs in the same content without rest, you need to do some content management.

How is the old content on the website?

Old content can do three things. You can keep it, delete it or merge it. How to deal with it, this is entirely dependent on you.

1. Update valuable content

Is there still valuable articles? Can it get a lot of traffic? Is the article still consistent with your website and company? Of course, the old content that is still very valuable should be kept on your website. Make sure you update this content regularly. Your most important article should not contain any outdated information. Setting reminders to update those content from time to time, make sure your content is always up to date.

Solution to the website structure

The retention content on the website does need to pay a certain price, especially if you have written a lot of articles about similar topics. Make sure you add some structures and hierarchies to your site. If your page or post is much more important than another page or post, it should be considered as such. Place important pages in a higher position in the hierarchy. Receive the most important page from a less important page link. In this way, you will tell Google You want to get the highest ranking article and you can retain these two articles.

2. Delete (and redirected) Outdated content

Is the article out of date? Does it include invalid information? Does it include information that is no longer useful? You will write down the event that will happen from time to time or announce new things. These articles are almost useless after a period of time. These types of articles should be deleted. Make sure you redirect the article to similar content (if you can’t find the alternative content, redirect to the homepage).

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3. Merge content

Have you written a number of articles about the same topic? Do they express almost mean? Are they ranked on the same topic? These types of articles should be merged. In the two (or three) you wrote, you will pick a very good article. Then delete (but don’t forget the redirect) old articles.

Re-release your update content

Update and the content of the old blog will never be wasted. However, if you really want to benefit from refurbished content, you can re-release it on your blog, re-release it to your social channel, so you will make sure your content is the latest content, It may even attract new visits to your site.

If you have a smaller changes to the nearest article, you can choose to click the Update button. In WordPress, the final modification date will be changed, but the release date will remain unchanged. Once you have completely merged or override the content, you can choose to change the release date. In this way, your post will pop up in the top of the blog. You can also share it on other marketing channels, it will definitely get your attention!

If you choose the latter, don’t forget to delete the old comments on your article! The article published below the page contains 5 years of comments may be very strange.

Written in the last

Check, update, build, and delete old content should be part of the process. Just like you need to clean up the kitchen closet from time to time, you also need to clean up the old content. With the increase in the content of the site article, you need to clean up the content and maintain it. This is indeed the core elements in each SEO policy.