How does website security improve?

I. Safety of the website construction program. Website server security three. Strong user name and password four. Open CDN, hidden website real IP 5. Open firewall 6. Website backup catalog

The website always suffers a variety of attacks from time to time, which is difficult to avoid. Personal websites or small-sized websites often do not have professional programming, website security consciousness is weak, causing websites that the website is often attacked, and this type of situation shows that there is a security vulnerability, bringing some of the wrong Act. Therefore, how does website security improve?

How does website security improve?

I. Safety of website construction

1. Select a well-known construction program system

In the face of the fish dragon mixed website construction program, some construction procedures are born to carry a variety of bugs. Everyone chooses some well-known construction procedures as much as possible, and some have no system that has heard, it is recommended not to use;

2. Full function

A good building system must fully function and meet the needs of most basic construction stations;

3. Compliance with SEO

Excellent construction procedures will fully consider SEO elements in the beginning of design, which is conducive to search engine optimization.

Here, May Try to recommend that you use the WordPress building station, as a free station open source program, often update a variety of vulnerabilities, safety performance is very good, trustworthy.

Second. Website server security

1. Purchase a stable server;

2. Buy the server of well-known brand service providers;

3. Select the server that is independent IP.

Three. Strong user name and password

1. It is recommended that the website background user and password enable strong password protection, which are combined by letters, numbers, special characters, and the like. The username is best not to use admin;

2. Recommend the website front desk hidden background login function;

3. Recommended server, FTP, etc. also open strong password protection, from letters, numbers, special characters, and the like. The username is best not to use admin;

Four. Open CDN, hidden website real IP

1. Open the CDN, effectively help the website access speed;

2. Turn on the CDN, hide the website real IP, and reduce the network server being attacked.

5. Open firewall

1. Some servers can turn on firewall;

2. Free firewall with the background of the panel panel

Recommended reading “Pagoda Panel Free WAF Firewall”

6. Website backup

Manual backup;

2. Pagoda panel backup;

3. Create an automatic disk snapshot on the server.

Recommended reading “How to back up the website can not be lost? “

Does your website security have been doing?

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