How does SEO enhances the rankings of the website?

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How is your website traffic? do you know? Is 93% traffic on the Internet starting from search engines? The first place in the search engine means the highest 33% of the opportunity to be clicked and access it by the user. This means that if your site is not the first search engine, then you will miss the potential traffic of 1/3. Therefore, enhance the rankings of the website and help our business development and get more potential customers. May SEO blog Share: How does SEO enhances website rankings?

Improve website rankings – page factors

The way the optimization page is the most profound impact on its rankings. The following is a page optimization factor that may affect its search visibility:

1. Title keywords in the Title. Title meta tag is one of the most important signals of search engines. The label itself is intended to provide an accurate description of page content. The search engine uses it to display the main headings of the search results. In contractions containing keywords ranked the page.

Ideally, the keyword should be placed at the beginning of the Title tag. The rankings of the page optimized through this way will be better than those that are close to the end of the title tag.

2. Description (what is the meaning of description) tag. The importance of the meta-description label is often discussed in the SEO station headset. It is also critical to obtaining a user clicking from the search results page. Contains keywords make it more relevant to search engines and searches.

3. The keywords in the H1 tag. The H1 tag is another related factor, used as a description of the page content. Although it has been discussing its importance, it is still recommended that you add a keyword in the unique H1 tab on the page.

4. The length of the content. The longer the content, the greater the opportunity to override the topic more. According to past experience, the search engine worses a long content. Therefore, don’t be ashamed to write longer and have content for users.

5. Duplicate content. It has similar content on all pages of the website that will actually harm your rankings. So avoid duplication of content.

6. Picture Optimization. Not only can you optimize text on a page, but also optimize other media. For example, the picture can send a search engine-dependent signal by its alternative text ALT tag, title, and description.

7. Content update. Search engines prefer fresh updated content. It is recommended that you have regular regular update sites.

8. Export link. Too many export links will greatly reduce page PageRank, thus damaging its search visibility. But there is no export link is not an optimal approach, and the number of exported links is recommended to control.

9. Internal link. The link page on your website can pass the power between each other.

Improve website rankings – website factors

Some factors within the website will also affect the visibility of your website:

1. Site map. Site Map helps search engines index all pages on your site. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to tell the search engine.

2. Domain name. Domain name also affects your rankings. Although some domain name signals are not as strong as before, there are still a few things worth noting:

1. Domain registration length. Search engines generally believe that the domain name for more than a year is more trustworthy.

2. Domain history. You may not be the first person in the registration domain. Moreover, if your domain name has been punished in the past, its history may affect its current ranking.

3. Country / Region Top Domain Name (TLD) extension. If you try to locate a specific local market, you can say that you have a domain name (for example, .pl, or .ie) with a top domain name (TLD) of a specific country, it will help to get better in this location. Ranking.

3. Server. The server is a hardware device that drives a website, and the quality of a server directly determines whether the website can run steadily and run speed. Therefore, choose a good server is critical!

Improve website rankings – external factors

When ranking on the web page, Google also views factors outside your website. Here is some of the key:

1. The number of links in the link. Link to your domain is one of the most important ranking factors.

2. Link page number. There may be some links from a specific domain to your site; their number is also ranking factors. However, it is best to have more links from a single domain, not a link from a single domain.

3. Link page domain permissions. Not all pages are equal. A link to a page with higher domain privileges is a bigger factor than a page with a page on a low-rights limit. Therefore, you should work hard to build a link from the high domain privilege site.

4. Link correlation. Some SEOs think that page links related to your page topic have greater correlation with the search engine.

5. Permissions of the link domain. Domain permissions may also be ranking factors. Therefore, the link on the low authority page is more valuable than the link on the low-area rights site on the low-level site.

6. Home link.Similarly, some SEOs believe that links from the link domain home page have greater strength than the links on a page.7. Many Does follow the vs. nofollow link.Google officially declares that they do not calculate the NOFOLLOW link (link with a Rel = NOFOLLLLOW property).Therefore, the number of your “follow” link will also affect your rankings.

8. Diversity of link types.The type of link to the site is also important.One type of link may be spam indication, which will have a negative impact on your ranking.

9. Context link.It is said that the link in the page content is more valuable than the links in the sidebar.

10. Link anchor.The anchor text of the link is once a very important ranking factor.Today, it can be used as a network spam indicator that has a negative impact on your ranking.

How does SEO enhances the rankings of the website?Website rankings involve multiple aspects, we need to pay a certain effort!come on!