How does Baidu statistics heat map?(User experience depth excavation)

1. What is Baidu statistics hot map? II. How to view Baidu Statistics How to view? Third. How to play Baidu statistics? Deep excavation user experience catalog

We often pay special attention to the rankings of the website, indeed, only after the website is ranked, there will be more and more people to visit our website. But now a lot of SEO optimizations or webmasters often only lock the optimization goal in search engines, but ignore the mining of the user experience. As everyone knows, the most sensible practice on the road of sustainable SEO is based on the user experience, and then catering to the search engine, enhance the website rankings, and obtain more effective traffic. One of them needs we know how to play “Baidu Statistics” How to play? How to explore the user experience in depth? This article will discuss this topic with everyone.

1. What is Baidu statistics hot map?

Thermogram is to display the user page click position or the page location of the user, which can be distinguished from the block of different colors. It can be visually observed to observe the overall access situation of the user and click preferences.

Baidu Statistics The pages provided by the page click on the hot map, which is the location of the user’s mouse click, which is convenient for you to explore the user experience, thereby adjusting the web page.

II. How to view Baidu Statistics How to view?

1. How can I check Baidu statistical thermogram data?

1. Website must install Baidu statistics code

2. The website is preferably a certain number of visits, click the amount and then view

The newly built thermogram is can’t see. If you want to produce data the next day, May suggest that you will go to see if you wait for a while, only a certain amount of data accumulate, it is convenient for us to make more accurate judge.

2. How to check Baidu statistics?

Baidu Statistics ¡ú Basic Report ¡ú Access Analysis ¡ú Page Click on the picture ¡ú Add Click on the map (Home, Column page, Key Article page, activity page, etc.) ¡ú View the corresponding click

Third. How to play Baidu statistics? Deep excavation user experience

1. Home, section

According to the home page feedback from the thermogram, click on the section, you can see if the website layout is reasonable, for example, the user clicks, the section is more popular, can properly place the column page Left left, get more click Some columns are almost unattended. In this case, specific analysis is required. Is this important page important? If it is important, you can place it before, put it in a more prominent position, and test whether the amount is improved after a period of time; if it is not important, you can consider the location where the user is not easy to click or directly.


There was a friend for a friend who had done a logo, he placed a logo icon on the website home navigation strip (you can directly jump to the home page), followed by him, put a “home” column behind him, test for a period of time, He found that users tend to click Logo, and “Home” two words are almost no one click, and finally he decisively selects to give up the “Home”. As can be seen from this example, the so-called user experience is based on user behavior data, constantly optimizing the website, thinking what users think, constantly improving user experience.

3. Activity page

Many companies have made some activities planning, in the home page Banner has an activity brief introduction, attracting users to click Banner to enter the event details page. Home Banner can see if it is sufficient to attract users according to user behavior; then the event details page can also add a thermogram. After a period of publicity, there is traffic to enter the product details page, but there is no click, it is necessary to carefully analyze this event details page. Whether the content is reasonable, where there is a problem, only this can we know how to adjust the page content and layout, deep excavate user needs, improve the page conversion rate. In addition, in particular, the cost of retaining a customer is much lower than the cost of getting new users.

In short, how does Baidu statistics hot map play? It is necessary to adjust the website to adjust the website according to user behavior data to depth mining user experience. Only by standing at the user’s perspective can only be retained, the website will be fresh and will play a greater value.

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