How do the SEO internal link?

Why is the link important to Google? The relationship between links The link value sets for internal link policies to link your content directory for internal link policies.

Each website contains internal and external links. The internal link connects the page and your webpage on your own website, and the external link will connect your page with another website. In this article, we focus on internal links and how they do.

How do the SEO internal link?

It needs to be linked before your content can be ranked. Google will find best information when you link to Google from a location on your web. Internal links can also connect to your content and make Google understand your website structure. They can build hierarchies on your site, allowing you to offer the most important pages and publish more link values ??than other values ??that are not high. Therefore, using the correct internal link policy to improve your SEO!

Why is the link important to Google?

Google uses links to find which content on your site is related, and the value of these contents.

Relationship between links

Google Bot captures the site by tracking internal and external links. The robot reaches the home page of the website and starts rendering this page and follows the first link. By tracking links, Google can calculate relationships between various pages, articles, and other content. This way, Google can find out which pages on your website covers similar topics.

Link value

In addition to the relationship between the content, Google is also divided between all links on the web page. Typically, the home page of the website has the largest link value because it has the most reverse link. This link value will be shared between all links found on the home page. The link value passed to the next page will be divided between the links on this page, and so on.

So if you link from your homepage to the latest article page, not just on the category page, they will get more link value. If you link from the homepage to a new article page, Google will find them faster.

When you understand the concept of links to deliver your link, you will learn more about the page mean more value. Since Google thinks that you are more important to get many valuable links, you will get the opportunity to rank this page.

Set internal link strategy

Regular assessment and improvement of internal link strategies are critical to SEOs in your site. You can make sure Google understanding:

1. Relationship between the page;

2. The relationship between the page;

3. The value of the page.

Ideal website structure

We always recommend that the website owner imagine their website into a pyramid. The top of it is your home page, below is some partial or categories, followed by a separate post and page (possibly between subcategories).

Ideal website structure

What is your most important content?

Then, you should determine what the most important content is. In short, this is your best and most complete content. This is the core of your business. This is what you want people to search for the subject or product you are good at.

Because you want Google know this is your most important content, you need to add a lot of links.

Add a context link

When you write a variety of articles about a topic, they should link each other. This will display Google and users! – These articles are localized.

In addition, you want to demonstrate to Google which article is your core: about the most complete article in this topic. To do this, you must add a link to the core page in all articles of this topic. And don’t forget to pick up each article page from the core page link.

Add navigation link

In addition to links related to topics related articles and pages, you can make core content more authoritative by adding links from the homepage or top navigation. You should use this for your business’s most important articles and pages to do this. This will make these files or pages with a large link value and make them stronger in Google’s eyes.

Add a link to your column category

The column category can help you organize the website and help users and Google understand your content. Add a link to a category and tab to help Google understand your blog structure and help visitors easily navigate to the related article page.

Add hot or latest articles

The option to mention is to create internal links to the most popular or latest article on your website. It is best to create these parts in the sidebar or footer of the website so that they are displayed in all pages and articles.

When link value passes from many different pages and articles to these most popular / recently released articles, they have improved. In addition, these articles will make visitors easier to access, which will increase access, and more access is a positive signal to Google.

More information about internal links


There may also have links to SEO on your site. For example, if you provide a login link to our customers on the homepage, you don’t want to pass the link value to the login page – this page does not need to be ranked high in the search results. By using the NOFOLLOW tag, you have been able to prevent linkages from passing to unimportant links. NOFOLLOW tag requires Google not to follow this link: therefore, the link value will not be passed. Now you may think: “I will no longer pay attention to less important links to make the most important link with a bigger link value.”

Please note that adding a Nofollow tag does not mean that these target pages cannot be found in Google’s search results. If you do not want the page or article to appear in the search results, you should also specify a NOINDEX tag. The NOINDEX tag indicates that Google should not present a page, or the location should not be provided in the Google index to display in the search results.

Positioning text

Once it is determined which links should be on the page and which pages should get a link value, using the correct anchor text is important. The anchor text is a clickable text, which is user-see.

If you excessively optimize anchor text, you may affect your site. Through over-optimization, we mean keyword fills. Previously, you can use the same keywords for all anchors, while Google makes your website higher on the keyword. Today, Google is smart enough, understanding the content around the anchor text is more dependent on the keywords than the anchor text itself. So make sure the anchor text looks natural in your article: You can use the keyword, but do not add the same keyword in the anchor text in each link.

Go to link your content

No link, your content will not be ranked! With a reliable internal link policy, what content you can display, which articles are most abundant, most valuable. If you follow the guidelines in this article, Google and your users will better understand your website, increasing your ranking opportunities.