How do seo optimized how to treat 996 working system

1. What is the 996 working system? II. How do SEO Optimizers view 996 Working Directory

Recently, the topic of the 996 working system has been constantly fermented, and countless sounds in just a few days. The origin is the “” project to transmit it, this project and code have no relationship, but it is closely related to each programmer. Programmer exposes “996icu” Internet company, except overtime, the overtime is overtime, resist Internet company 996 working system. 996icu means “work 996, sick ICU”. Then how do we look at the 996 working system?

1. What is the 996 working system?

996 Working System refers to work at 9 o’clock in the morning, from 9 o’clock in the evening, 6 days in a week, no subsidies do not have overtime, and do not allow time to leave. The 996 working system is up to 72 hours a week.

Come on two small networks on the network funny segment:

Also said that Shenma came to talk about it, and he didn’t even have a go to work after get off work.

From “I am going to work” to “I am still working” process, the sinter acid is only known.

II. How do SEO optimists look at 996 working system?

The 996 working system is that the SEO optimization personnel of the seminar is already unwilling. Many Seoer is “all-around” in the company, and you have to do it, you will do it. Sepoer that carefully works, the work strength of the day is still very big, you can see what I have written before “SEO daily work”. “

Everything to work every day is to watch the keyword list of the website. If the keyword is ranked, I will be happy all day; if the keyword is ranked, I will be sad throughout the day.

Just take the daily soft writing writing, the company’s hard time requires how many articles must be completed every day, every day, it is spent in “write writing”;

Lying in the trough, the company’s website is black, no maintenance personnel, leadership order Seoer wants to solve it as soon as possible, so I Baidu, Google, catch the head, with the panda eyes, squat, find the reason, quickly solve;

The company needs new construction of a corporate website, no website technician, SEO optimization person can only have a hard scalp, what server, what domain name, what is the station program … Please teach a circle, then slowly explore, ┼żOh, a new website is built, and the eye of leadership is brightened;

The company has recently launched a new product, can’t worry, and the perfect staff will leave, and there is no new personnel to make up. SEOER I can only go to top, what PS, AI, color match … All won, a new product promotion page is born like this …

I think many of the above is the daily day of SEO optimization, the complex work, forced us to actively move forward, and promote us with the skills “live” in the workplace. In the face of the 996 working system, the other working system is good, and May feels most important. Constantly learning, grow, constantly summarizing, maximizing improving their work efficiency, and the dreams of their pursuit will work hard. You are not a wind, I am not sand, I can’t get into the end of the world, I wiped tears and continue to work.