Hey, you have a WordPress upgrade notice (WordPress 5.2.4 is now available)

Open the WordPress background these two days, you will find an update reminder: WordPress 5.2.4 is now available!Please update it now.

WordPress 5.2.4 is released, fixing 6 security issues:

1. You can add a stored XSS (cross-site script) by custom program (Customizer)

2. You can view unauthenticated articles through special means

3. Creating a stored XSS can inject JavaScript into the style label

4. Cache for the JSON GET request via Vary: Origin header infection

5. Verify that the server of the URL requests for fake

6. Verify related issues related to the recommended source website in the administrator

Every upgrade of WordPress, we can’t ignore, don’t think that you are just a small site without traffic will not be attacked, hackers use security vulnerabilities, all net scans.So update the WordPress version in time to avoid tricks.