Google SEO optimization how to do high quality Wiki Encyclopedia (detailed manner)

I. Create an account number. Method directory for building an outer chain

More and more SEO optimizations are complaining: the construction of the website outside the website is increasingly difficult. Leading more and more SEOER thoroughly waives the construction of the outer chain, even if there is no effect on the outer chain of the declaration. Is there any effect on the outer chain? MAY is still a bit safe, it will help the attraction of spiders and websites. If you get an external chain on a high weight platform, such as: Wikipedia, Baidu Baibo … Is the search engine won’t look at you? Does users don’t trust you more? This article sharing: Google SEO optimization how to do high quality wiki encyclopedia (detail method).

Speaking of encyclopedia, Wikipedia is definitely a professional model, ranking top ten most popular websites around the world, supporting multiple languages ??to create high-quality entries, share free and authoritative knowledge (there should be applause here). Because of the authority of Wikipedia, the threshold of the outer chain is quite high: the editor is high, the rules are high, the rigidity is high, it is easy to delete … Therefore, the outer chains of Wikipedia are really difficult to get! But once it is obtained, this high-power heroic website is very considerable to give our website!

I. Creating an account

1. Anyone can create a Wikipedia account, click “Create Account” in the upper right corner, and make information according to the requirements. Of course, you don’t have an account. It is also possible. Wiki will track what you do according to the IP address. If you create a lot of low quality content under the same IP address, Wikipedia may limit your future editorial permissions. Even if you replace the IP in the future, in summate the production of garbage is unable to make a policy.

2. The edited content is submitted after the manual review is completed, and it is necessary to ensure its authenticity and correlation. So spend more effort on the content of the website to write high quality articles related to our products or industry, otherwise it is difficult to pass.

2. Method for constructing an outer chain


Dead Links is a dead end, which is a link that cannot be accessed. At this time we can update or repair the dead chain on Wikipedia by submitting its own website content. This is a good opportunity for our website to increase the outer chain.

Workers must have a good thing, the best way is through the tool “Wikigrabber”

Wikipedia inspection dead chain

Enter a keyword in the search box, return to the Wikipedia Particular Related Page lists, which need to add a reference (Citation NEEDED) or a Dead Link. Then open the page containing the DEAD LINK, use the “Find” shortcut “Ctrl + F” to search the “dead” dead chain.

Search Wikipedia

If you don’t find the dead chain through the above method, you can use the search instruction: Site: ‘keywords’ ‘dead link’

Google Directive Search Dead Chain

2. Unique Link

Unique Link, unique link, Wikipedia allows anyone to edit and modify content. That is, you can easily enter the editing page, in your own link, in your own link in Wikipedia existing articles. Of course, every editor or modification will have an administrator to review, so the quality is the key! In addition, there are some techniques on the choice of entry, the more harsh, the more harsh, the more the hot entry is readily passed. It is recommended that you choose some of the entry of the cold door first. Of course, if you are very confident on your editorial ability, you can choose some popular entry.

First make sure you want to modify the entry, then edit Edit, you can add your website on a certain entry:

Editor Wikipedia entry

In short, add your website link in Wikipedia, high quality related content is the key to successfully adding the outer chain! Content quality and correlation are successful gaining magic weapons of Wikipedia outside!