Google PR is not dead?Why is it so important?

What is Google PR? The brief history of Google PR Why is PageRank still important in 2020? content

PR is the English first letter of English Page Rank, translated into web rankings. Let us go back for ten years, Google P is the SEO indicator of the SEO station long circle; if you go to 2020, it is now, you will find that few people mention Google PR. May SEO blog to share: Google PR is not dead? Why is it so important?

What is Google PR?

PR is a technology of Google for rating importance and quality of web pages. It is a Google used to determine one of the variables ranked by your website in the Search Engine Results page (Serp).

The page of the website is represented by a number of 0 to 10. The higher the number, the more important the website. However, Google has been confidential to calculate the exact algorithm of PageRank.

Seeing the following figure, you might think of Google PR.

Yes, this is the Toolbar of Google Notorganized PR.

GOOGLE PR’s brief history

The first patent of PR is submitted on September 1, 1998, becoming Google to calculate the importance of the webpage and rank these web pages.

Briefly, the literal meaning of Google is based on the thinking of Sergey Brin, that is, the information on the network can be ranked according to the page link of the page, the more links to the page, the more ranking high.

GOOGLE Toolbar Introduction

In 2000, Google launched the toolbar that we all remember, as a way to see the PageRank score of the website (and competitors).

As a result, SEO began to fully focus on increasing PageRank as an indicator of ranking, mainly driven by the simplified understanding of the algorithm, which indicates the highest link number of pages with the highest link.

In the early 1900s, many people have a simple explanation of this method, that is, their goal is to get as much link as possible from the PageRank’s web page.

Of course, this begins to cause PageRank to be manipulated, with money to exchange links, and the link farm we will remember.

Quick Tracking For nearly 15 years, Google will stop updating this toolbar for the public in 2014 (the most recent confirmation update is December 2013) and is completely deactivated in 2016.

Of course, this does not mean that Google stops using the PR as part of the algorithm, but it is no longer an indicator for the public.

Updated PageRank patent

The original PageRank patented in 1998 was expired in 2018, and many people were surprised that the patent did not renew. In this time, a Google’s former employee confirmed that the original algorithm has been used since 2006.

But this does not mean that PageRank is dead, and it is still far from death.

The original patent is replaced by this new patent. In order to fully understand the difference with the original version. This new patent references the “Seed Website in Trusted Seeds” and defines them as “specially selected high quality pages, which provide good network connection with other non-seed pages”, two of them Examples are Google Directory (still valid when applying for patents) and “New York Times”.

“[Seed Site] must be reliable, diversified to cover a wide range of public interests, and maintain a good connection with other sites. They should have a lot of useful outgoing links to help identify other useful and high-quality pages, as “Hub” on the network. “

This new patent is intended to rank the web page based on the distance between the web page and the seedset. That is, the patent does not actually refer to PageRank (or claimed to be an updated version of the algorithm).

Why is Google exits the PR toolbar?

SEO was fascinated by PageRank, and quickly became the person who was most concerned about SEO strategy, but not only created excellent content and good user experience.

The problem is that SEO can manipulate it more easily by public sharing PageRank score, and they know how to use PageRank to rank the website higher, so I take this.

If we look at this problem from the angle of Google, the PageRank toolbar for the public is the problem. Without this, it is not possible to accurately measure the right to measure (at least in the formal case).

Finally, SEO abuses PageRank and used it to manipulate rankings, which makes Google except for retiring in the toolbar that occurred in 2016.

Why is PageRank still important in 2020?

PageRank is still important in 2020.

Just because there is no longer a toolbar for providing web PageRank score, it does not mean that it is still not used. We just cannot use tools to measure.