Google Image Reverse Search (in PC and mobile)

Google Image Reverse Search How to Google Image Reverse Search How to Directory in the PC

Google can make our lives easier in a variety of ways, such as the picture search is advanced than ever. Whether you look for which picture, just use the correct keyword, search filter and tools, etc., even in reverse search. What is the picture reverse search? It is popular, and Google will tell you its content, the location, and even provide similar pictures. Whether you’re going to track the original source of the image, looking for copyright infringement of your own picture, or want to find more information about the picture, it is very convenient.

How does Google Image Reverse Search How to PC

1. Open Goog Le on a compatible browser

Image reverse search can be run on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Once access the browser, open the Goog Le image.

Google Image Reverse Search

2. Upload your picture

If you find the image you want to find online, the best choice is to save it to the desktop. Then, after opening the Goog Le picture, go to the right side of the search bar, then click the camera icon. Upload the picture by dragging a picture to a search area or loading a file from the desktop.

Note: You can only search for a picture at a time.

3. Get according to URL

If the picture is not saved to the desktop, you can also click the camera icon of the Google image to paste the URL of the photo.

To get the URL of the photo, right-click the image, then select “Open the picture in the new tab” option, copy the URL address in the address bar, then return to Google Image Search page “Paste Image URL”.

4. Find your results

After clicking Search, you will see the uploaded photos and some suggested keywords at the top of the page.

Next to the picture, Google also tells you if there is a picture of other sizes for you to download.

From there, you can browse a similar image or website that contains the search picture.

How does Google Image Reverse Search How to do in the mobile?

1. Open Goog Le Picture in Chrome App

If you are searching for images from the Internet, using an application is a simple way to use a reverse picture search on your phone.

Open your Chrome app and open Goog Le Image Search.

2. Search your picture

Mobile image search

Enter the image you want to find in the search bar, then click Enter.

A list of pictures will appear.

Click on the picture you want.

3. Select “Search this picture in Google”

Search this picture in Google

After opening the picture on your phone, click and hold the image.

A drop-down menu will appear in which multiple options are included.

Click on the tab of the bottom, “Search this picture on Google” on Google.

4. Explore your results

A new label will be opened in Chrome, displaying the other location of the image and other size available.

Written in the last

The reverse search on Google is very simple.