Google Bert Algorithm Update (the most important update for five years)

BERT is Google’s main update bert and the SEO BERT in the station improves the understanding of the search query.

Google announced the most important update they so-called for five years. BERT update affects 10% search query. What is Bert? How will it affect SEO?

BERT is the main update of Google

According to Google, this update will affect the complex search query on the context.

Google Bert Algorithm Update (the most important update for five years)

Google said:

“These improvements are to improve language understanding, especially for more natural language / session queries, because BERT can help search engines better understand the subtle differences and context of search terms, and make these queries and useful results better Match.

Especially for longer, more sexy queries, or, such as “for”, and “to”, Search will be able to understand the context of the word in the query. You can search by a natural way. “

The description of the search algorithm patent expert BILL SLAWSKI is as follows:

BERT is a natural language processing pre-training method for a lot of text. It handles tasks such as part of the body identification, voice tag, and other natural language processing procedures. Bert Help Google understands natural language text from the web.

Google has opened this technology, and other companies have created a variant of Bert. “

The BERT algorithm is a deep learning algorithm associated with natural language processing. It can help search engine spider understand the meaning of words in the sentence, but you can understand all of the subtle differences in context.

Bert and SEO in the station

Search algorithm expert Dawn Anderson said:

“Bert has improved the technical level in 11 natural language processing tasks, and even defeated human understanding. After all, the language will argue in the entire term of a word.

However, what if the topic you want to express is not very clear? We often hear some sounds “What do you mean?”.

Pronouns have always been a big problem in history, but Bert has made a lot of help. Since Bert has two-way, the context is improved.

BERT improves the understanding of search queries

Google’s Bert update improves how Google understands the search query. BERT analysis search query, not to analyze the web page. However, as Dawn said, SEO has become more important in precise use of words.

Dawn Anderson said:

“This will eliminate human understandings from a large number of natural language understanding. Bert is like a WordPress plugin, it is a starting point, then they customize and improve them.

Example of context and bert

This sentence is “how to catch a code fishing?”

In New England, the word “COW” in fishing means a large stripe.

Striped squid is a popular salty fish, millions of fishing in the Atlantic coast fishing.

Therefore, the phrase “How To Catch A Cow Fishing”, Google provides results related to livestock in early October.

Even if you deliberately use the word “fishing” to provide context, Google is still ignored the context, but provides the result of culcan. That is October 1, 2019.

On October 25, 2019, the same query, the relevant results are striped squid and fishing.

The BERT algorithm seems to understand the context of the word “fishing” and changed the search results, focusing on page with the fishing-related web page.

Dawn Anderson explains that the new search results are as follows:

COW means different things. Single words have different meanings. The context around this word provides more meaning. “

That’s right, this is what Google did in searching in the search query, ie “How to catch a code hope”. “BERT seems to use the word” fishing “to add the following.

This means that Bert may be just a start. Although this is just a beginning, it does a huge leap.