Google Adsense Application Tip “Website is offline or unable to access”

I. Application Results II. Cause Analysis Directory

I. Application Results

For the first time I applied for Google Adsense, I received such a result, prompting the “Website Office or Unable to Access”.

2. Cause Analysis

Hurry to open your own website to see, the website can access it normally.It is also accessible to HK, but other countries can access it normally, I have not tested it.The website has been offline or cannot be accessed: Cause 1. Server downtime; reason 2. Domain name parsing has problems.These two problems do not exist. After the guidance of the mother, they know that there is a need to add an overseas parsing, and abroad can access it.

Quiet, wait ~~~ My adsense is still not passed, cry o (¨i©n¨i) O

After the guidance of the MDP Blog blogger, the domain name analysis and CDN analysis of my website were reset, and after opening the global acceleration, Adsense was successfully passed!Thanks again to the MDP Blog blogger.