Foreign trade website construction program

1. Construction Procedure: B2B II. Building Procedure: B2C Directory

Now more and more foreign trade friends or SOHO began to realize the importance of the independent website, build bridges communicating with foreign customers. In a group of friends known as May, due to limited funds and technical capabilities, they often need them to build a website, but they don’t understand the code, do not understand the programming, there is no IT technical personnel, so many websites are What come out? In fact, it is to build a website with the website of the website. In the case of no code experience, the content is edited, and the plugin is expanded, and various functions are achieved. This article shared SEO tutorial: foreign trade website construction procedures.

The main marketing methods of foreign trade websites are divided into B2B, B2C. Let’s take a look at which platform procedures are suitable for B2B, B2C, respectively.

1. Construction Procedure: B2B


WordPress is considered super big in the construction program. Among the top 10 million websites in the world, 33.4% of the website is built with WordPress, which can be seen in size. The most important thing is that it has been free, and it is regularly updated vulnerabilities, so that your foreign trade website is guaranteed. For novices, the installation is simple, easy to learn. The free topics and free plugins are easy to replace the website style, so that your website is different. The most important thing is WordPress’s source code clean and concise, very friendly for search engines, which is conducive to the optimization of the website. For the B2B-type corporate website, WordPress can basically kill other station programs, and May is highly recommended.

Second. Website program: B2C


MAGENTO, Mai Big, is a professional open source e-commerce system, which is very flexible, modular architecture system and rich function, easy to connect with third-party applications. It is facing enterprise-class applications, and can handle all aspects of demand, and build a variety of uses and applications. Including shopping, shipping, product reviews, etc.


Shopify is a shopping cart system in SaaS. It is suitable for cross-border e-commerce to build a separate website. You can use a variety of topic / templates to build your online store to build your online store. No need for any station technology background, you can set more time and energy concentrate on your own business.

The three construction stations above shared are for your reference only. Finally, no matter which setpoint program you choose to build a foreign trade website, there is nothing to say which better than which one is better, but it is the best thing for yourself!

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