External Nofollow Are you right?

I. REL = “external” three. Rel = “nofollow” four. Rel = “external nofollow” 5. BEGIN Topic Friends Chain Directory

External meaning in Chinese means external link; Nofollow is not followed, do not transfer weight.

Today, May upgraded the theme. For all links in the May blog, no matter whether it is in the station or the site link is automatically added with NOFOLLOW. Under the helpless, only the topic is re-upgraded. After tossing a morning, after the subject is upgraded, the interior link no longer automatically adds NOFOLLOW, but the interior link is still automatically plus: rel = “external nofollow”.

I. REL attribute

The REL attribute is to specify the relationship from the source document to the target document, and all browsers support the REL attribute.

Two. Rel = “external”

Rel = “external” is to tell the search engine, this is an external link.

Three. Rel = “nofollow”

Nofollow is a new label that Google once proposed, with the aim of reducing spam messages, using nofollow, telling the search engine not to transfer weights.

Four. Rel = “external nofollow”

Tell the search engine, this link is external, do not transfer right to rely.

5. Begin Theme Friends Chain

We know that in order to exchange links to other websites, we trust each other, it is not allowed to add “NOFOLLOW” to your friendship link. Begin Theme has a user-friendly setting: