Domain Name WWW still does not bring WWW which is more beneficial to SEO optimization

I. Understand the domain name. User angle. Search engine directory

We often check a lot of websites, discovering that many websites have WWW, and of course there are many domain name websites without WWW, such as the SEO blog Does the domain name WWW still do not bring WWW which is more beneficial to SEO optimization?

Domain Name WWW still does not bring WWW which is more beneficial to SEO optimization

I. Cognition domain name

In terms of strict sense, the domain names such as we have become a first-class domain name or top domain name, that is, without WWW domain name;, the domain name, we call it secondary domain name or child The domain name is also a domain name with WWW. So you can understand that it is two different domain names with WWW and without WWW, and are two different sites.

Second. User angle

Standing in our users, just open a URL, with WWW and domain name users without WWW, have almost no difference, because 1. The Internet is generally used to define the website with the Mail prefix To define an email (; 2. Webmaster’s webmaster usually do 301 redirection behind, will automatically jump to WWW domain name, why is the user’s address in the browser address The field input WWW or the domain name without WWW will jump to a designated domain name; The meaning is not very big for the user, the key is whether the content on the website meets the user’s needs, and can solve the user’s problem.

Search engine

A lot of webmasters still compare the WWW or WWW is more beneficial to SEO optimization. For search engines, with WWW and WWW are two completely different domain names, which means corresponding two different pages; And the search engine is often seen two fully exactly the same page, which causes the repeating page, not just the homepage repetition, the internal page is the same. The best way to solve this problem is to determine the first domain, and then redirect the universe domain 301 to the preferred domain, and focus on the weight of the universe domain to the preferred domain. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, as long as it is determined that the WWW is still the first choice of WWW, the non-first domain 301 is then redirected to the first selection field.

May personal feeling that it is not necessary to take WWW or no WWW which is more beneficial to SEO optimization, once it is determined, don’t modify it, so as to avoid searching the search engine and collect the first choice and collect non-preferred domain. Instead, some unnecessary troubles have been made to the website. The above is only the personal opinion of May, if there is appropriate, welcome criticism.