Does the website do not file a case? Is there an impact on SEO optimization?

I. Site filings have no direct impact on SEO optimization. The website filing has indirect impact on SEO optimization. Suggestions for website filing

During the SEO website, the website has always been a question of everyone’s dispute. Many webmasters believe that the website has been filed, which is helpful to SEO optimization; there are also webmares that the website is too much trouble, my website is not filed, and the ranking has always been good. Today, May is standing in the SEO optimization, analyzing everyone: Is there any impact on SEO optimization?

Let me talk about two major search engines: Baidu and Google, Baidu is mainly Chinese users, Google is a worldwide user; and there is no record of the abroad, so google we can do it first; then we mainly Baidu’s perspective talks about whether the website will have an impact on SEO.

I. Site filing on SEO optimization has no direct impact

Baidu Search Engine official has adopted that the unselected domain name will not be affected in search results, that is, the website file has nothing to do with SEO.

Second. The website file has an indirect impact on SEO optimization

1. Improve website access speed

If the domestic website is not filed, only the website can only put the website in Hong Kong or abroad, so that the domestic customer visits the website will appear slow down or data loss. But how to file it, you can put it directly in China Server Relatively, the speed of access is safer and stable, and the search engine is more friendly.

2. Increase Baidu included

The new station has just been online will experience a review period, which can use the “New Station Protection” feature of Baidu search resource platform, which is a benefit of Baidu to the new station for 2 months. However, the premise is that the website must file, and then use “New Station Protection” to submit data, Baidu will give preferential, add increasing.

3. Improve user trust

The website is better than a person, is China’s legitimacy; otherwise, if there is no account, it will not admit it, it is a black household, which is very big. The website is not the same, you can show your own filing number on the website and link it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After the customer saw, it will trust your website more.

3. Suggestions for website filing

1. If your website’s target customer group is foreign customers, for example, you are doing foreign trade, there is no relationship with the website, but it is recommended that you select the server in the near target area.

2. If your website’s target customer group is a domestic customer, May suggests that you will file in advance to avoid many troubles in the future, there are currently many provinces for 3 to 5 days.

Summary: Baidu search engines say that the website is not filed, and the SEO will not have an impact; while the website is not filed, it will still be limited. Therefore, May proposes that the domestic website is best to choose a record, filing, and filing!