Does the domain history have an impact on SEO optimization?

1. What are the domain history? II. Domain history registration record query II. Domain famous chain history inquiry 3. Director history on SEO optimization

Domain names For enterprise stations, it is equivalent to a business card; for personal blogs, it is a business card showing self. But many small partners are in the early days of the station, there is no fully investigation of domain history history, then, is the domain history affect SEO optimization?

1. What are the domain history?

Domain history refers to the time, domain age, domain history PR value of domain name registration, domain name holder, change, domain name belongings, history construction, domain name is reduced, whether the domain name is k, etc., these history Record is especially important for search engine optimization.

II. Domain history registration record query

Query the history of WHOIS through the query network.

II. Domain famous chain history inquiry

Method 1. Use the Domain directive

How to query the external chain construction of the website in May, use the Domain:; you can use Domain: at the same time you want to block the links of your website. Site:

Method 2. Outer chain query tool

Query by means of third-party tools Majestic, Open Site Explorer, BacklinkWatch, etc.

III. Impact of domain history on SEO optimization

1. Whether the domain history is punished

If a domain name has been punished by search engines in the past, after the release of illegal content, then to register such domain name, the influence on the late SEO construction site is still very large, it may not be able to obtain the trust of search engines for a long time, and even the website is The inclusion is a problem;

2. Whether the domain history content is related

If the domain name has not been punished in the past, it has a good record, but if the domain name and the content we do are completely irrelevant, even the search engine has also included a lot of pages in the past, in this case for our current website It is very disadvantage that there will be a lot of death links. In addition, if you just have the same or related or related content in the past, you will have a very positive impact on our website, even in the inclusion and rankings.

3. Whether the domain history weight is inherited

Although Baidu official has repeatedly emphasized that the domain history record will not have too much impact on the current content, it is found that there is a certain amount of the domain name, which will inherit a certain weight.

In summary, select a content related to the high weight of the high-level historical domain names. If you select a domain name history, it is very disadvantageous in the future SEO website. Therefore, a good domain name is the premise of a website success!

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