Dead chain testing tool (automatically submit to Baidu, against the sky)

STEP 1. Store 404 dead chain Step 2. Automatically detect 404 dead chain STEP 3. Automatically submit 404 dead chain directory

Each website avoids the existence of 404 dead chains. There are a lot of reasons why the dead chain, such as the article page is deleted, the link is modified, the web link replacement storage path, etc., these will become the dead chain. The generation of these dead chains reduces the friendship between the search engine to the website, affecting the user experience, and even leads to the decline in the website. When you just operate the May blog, the content of the article is not a lot, encountering the dead chain, just simply manual one by one to the webmaster platform. But as the article and the page continue to increase, one manually goes, is it troublesome., can you automatically submit to Baidu with the help of dead chain testing tools?

Since the issue is proposed, I want to solve the problem.

Method 1. Use shell scripts to automatically submit 404 dead chains to search engines

As a non-IT profession, May is really not understanding what shell script? I am not afraid that everyone is joke, asking what is the shell script, and I haven’t understood it.~~~ If you are interested in this method, you can go to Zhang Ge blog to understand the relevant operations.

Method 2. Using the code to automatically collect the dead chain

Step 1. Store 404 dead chain

Create an empty deadlinks.txt at the root directory

Step 2. Automatically detect 404 dead chain

404.php Download

Extraction code: 5Tew

Add the following code to 404.php

HTDOCS / WP-Content / Themes / Begin / 404.php

STEP 3. Automatically submit 404 dead chains

Baidu webmaster platform – data introduction – dead chain submission – file submission

Finally, pay more attention to the status of the deadline subsequent submitted dead chain.

Summary: Place a small code into your website, which is equivalent to making a dead chain detection tool on your own website, and can also be submitted to Baidu. It is very easy to use by the blogger.

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