Counting Classic WordPress Chinese topic (strongly recommended)

1. Begin Theme II. Nirvana III. DUX Topic IV. Justnews 5. git directory

WordPress stems from abroad, easy to use, very popular, making domestic increasing sites to start using the WordPress building program, and derive a lot of very powerful masters or team development WordPress Chinese topics. This article is in the classic WordPress Chinese topic (strongly recommended).

Counting Classic WordPress Chinese topic (strongly recommended)

I. Begin Theme

The website you are browsing – May SEO blog is using the Begin theme, also a topic that many webmasters use, CSS3 + HTML5, flat, response design, custom color style, not relying on any front-end frame, Adaptive layout, flexible setting, suitable for personal construction, is also suitable for corporate construction, very powerful. There is a lot of free crack version on the Internet, and May feel that there is a condition or it is recommended to buy genuine.

Theme price: 299 yuan

Demo Station: (everyone can look at my site, you can also view the official website

WordPress Chinese theme – Begin

Two. Nirvana

If you look at the flat-style interface, you will see a bright feeling in front of the Nirvana theme. Baidu voice synthesis technology reading articles.

Theme price: 360 yuan

Demo Station:

WordPress theme – Nirvana

Three. DUX theme

In the daily blog, you will also find a lot of sites to use the DUX theme, this theme supports Baidu bear’s paw, suitable for vertical sites, technology blogs, personal stations, flat design, super multi-function configurations.

Theme price: 799 yuan

Demo Station: https:///

WordPress theme – DUX theme


Justnews is a WordPress topic designed for blogs, self-media, information. The Justnews topic supports the front-end user center, you can set the user role group, set the permissions of different packets, and you can implement the front-end user submission publishing article. The homepage supports a variety of styles that can be combined freely.

Sknation price: 499 yuan

Demo Station:

WordPress Theme – Justnews

5. git

Git theme is a very good WordPress theme. The most important thing is that it is a free theme, but it is functional, but it is not inferior to those themes, strongly recommending friends!

Theme Price: 0 yuan

Theme Demo:

WordPress Theme – Git

The above is a few classic WordPress Chinese topics that May individual feel better.