Constructing a high quality outer chain

1. Correlation between the outer chain. Natural three of the outer chain. Regular directory of the outer chain

For SEO optimization, more and more sounds claim that the external chain is gradually weakening, and there is no effect; in fact, from the current perspective, website outline construction is still an important topic. Still there is a lot of SEOER, I want to do every way to build more links, stand in the perspective of search engine optimization, the outer chain is voting to her website, the more external votes, the improvement of the website’s weight is still very helpful We must clearly: the wrong outer chain strategy is often counter-to-counter, violates the rules of the search engine, but will suffer reduction. Therefore, it is especially important to construct high quality outer chains.

There are many ways to get the outer chain, such as: friendship link, soft text delivery, advertising link, blog message, question and answer directory, classified catalog, website navigation, forum signature, bookmark network summation, pay link, plugin tool, etc., these ways do not recommend all Do it, choose the way you have the outer chain resource method to do the best, let’s talk about the method of building a high quality outer chain.

1. Relevance of the outer chain

Early outer chain construction is the most comparable, as long as the number is up, the website may get a good rankings; today, with the continuous iteration of the search engine algorithm, the correlation between links and links, that is, “Quality” increasingly The more important. For example, your website is a SEO, link on a LED website, even if the weight of this LED is very high, it will not give you how much help from your SEO website, in other words, this link is not a high The quality of the quality is not an effective vote; because we must pay attention to the relevance between the website and the website, link and links, only related high quality outer chains It is basically the best outer chain.

Second. Naturality of the outer chain

The naturalness of the outer chain is that the anchor text used by the outer chain should be natural, do not cover the outer chain to the outside chain, to insert the keyword anchor text into the article, the context semantics is not connected, not connected, read the statement is not smooth, etc. Instead, it will cause the search engine’s resentment, and even be judged, so it will not compensate. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the natural wake of the outer chain, keep the statement, increase the outer chain in the appropriate position.

Third. Regularity of the outer chain

The regularity of the outer chain is easier to neglect. I have time to have some outer chain today. I don’t have time tomorrow. I will not release it. The external chain construction is the same, to form a certain regularity, according to certain laws To release the outer chain, such an outer chain construction will only have a half-metric!

High quality outer chain, for improving search engines, such as increasing Baidu included, increasing traffic, and enhances website weights have a very positive role!

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