CNZZ, are you still in use?

1. The public says it is two. Zhao Ruyi


May SEO blogs have just been on the line, adding the CNZZ statistical function. At that time, it felt that its icon was hopped on foot, and a “active” gave the website, but the data of the CNZZ background has not been viewed, usually the most useful or Baidu search platform and Google Search Console. The front time, the blogger blogger has a reminder to May say “CNZZ is too garbage, serious sever slow access speed does not say, also report error.” This sentence is always in mind, but may be because the May blog is still more There is little, so there is no explanation. Today, I also reviewed the data of the CNZZ background, with a lot of data from Baidu search platform and Google Search Console. In addition to the technical report, May, even if it is wrong, it is estimated that May may not be perceived. In addition, a relationship between the mother, CNZZ is still very bad, and there is a blogger even a few years ago, CNZZ is suspected to sell user data. . . . This is also too serious. Of course, CNZZ also has praise on the Internet, and the people have fallen, and May is not easy to judge.


1. The number of affected webpages up to 75

Google Search Console Tips CNZZ prohibits GoogleBot to capture site resources, and the number of affected pages is 75.

2. Specific affected page

3. Specific reasons

4. Google Search Console official explanation

It is not difficult to understand from the official document of Google Search Console, the May blog has installed CNZZ, and some resources on the blog have been hosted to CNZZ. CNZZ’s Robots.txt prohibits all search engines to capture all web resources, which affects GoogleBot’s resources on the May blog. So MAY completely discards CNZZ.