Can you raise keyword ranks without any link construction?

1. Improvement in Website grab and index 2. Page speed improvement 3. Content correlation and page optimization, you can improve keyword ranking directory without any link built

Can you raise keyword ranks without any link construction?

The short answer is yes. I think you might want to get more details.

Can you raise keyword ranks without any link construction?

Everyone is very clear, keyword ranking is needed.

Perhaps Google has expressed the rankings of keywords without links, although this is not impossible, but in the same case of competition, it is necessary to get high rankings. At this time, the link construction is necessary. Now the question is, if there is no link, can you stand out in a website that is almost competitive, get a higher keyword rankings? The answer is yes, yes, we can start from multiple angles.

Google will rating inside a website, which is hundreds of rating may even be thousands of rank factors, so that other factors may have a great impact on improving keywords except for link construction.

1. Improvement in the website grab and index

ask yourself:

Can Google grab your page very well?

Is there a spider trap or redirect cycle?

Is the URL link normalization (Canonical tag)?

Is there an obstacle to set an obstacle, not conducive to Google Bot crawling?

If your site has the above questions, it must be improved, not only limit to the PC side, but even the mobile terminal. Make sure the website may make Google Bot normal crawling.

2. Page speed improvement

According to Google, the page speed is ranking factor. Although some factors we can only rely on experience to tell us that it is effective, but the page speed is a kind of Google tells us.

Now, they will say that this is just a final win. This means that when Google retrieves documents to meet the search results request and all conditions are the same, the page speed is faster, which will become Google to determine which site is displayed first.

Google will not tell you, yes, when your page speed signal is already very good, it is just a final win. However, if your website is very slow, resolving this problem may result in increased traffic by 100% or more.

Google does not tell us, but if you use Google’s Specifications (3G, Nexus 5+ User Agents) to test your website, the entire page load will take more than 10 seconds, and when the website increases more than 4-5 seconds, It can greatly improve the amount of click quantity and keyword rankings.

3. Content correlation and page optimization

Content correlation starts from the Title tag. If you want to be searched, the title tag is critical!

Use the main terms in the query and retain important words on the left (for the LTR language, for the RTL language, the right side).

Google has a certain character length limit on the title, too long title cannot be fully displayed, but if you control the word number of words within 60 characters, you should almost 100% adapt to the space allocated in the Serp.

H1 label

H1 tag is important. As far as possible, it is generally the same as the title tag.

First paragraph

In the past, Google needs to mention the keywords many times in the first paragraph to make the website ranking best (called TF-IDF), but now this is considered unnecessary with the progress of language.

Alternative properties in the picture Alt

Please note that don’t send spam to it. You can even perform manual operation, but if you link images, this property is the same as the direct anchor text in the link.

In addition, as Google has recently paid attention to image search, you will be optimized for these images to make additional picking here.

Image around the picture

Google is using the title and context to help make it better rankings in the picture search, so you need to make sure you have added them to the page.


This seems unreasonable, but surprising is that it is often ignored. Make sure you really mention the relevant query word in the page content.

We have encountered such a problem: customers do not use query words, but only use part of the query term, and then do not appear at all terms they want to see their website rankings.

The problem is that Google is not as good as explaining language meaning as many people think.

Therefore, if you sell jogging shoes, and put the picture about jogging shoes on the page, then people will understand what is talking about the intent of jogging shoes, but Google will not, just as they say: “like I am 5 years old Talk to me! “And with Google, you have to imagine Google a 6-month-old child.


Accelerating mobile pages (amp) itself does not help the ranking, but some pages are displayed to use acceleration mobile page (AMP).

For example, if you want to enter the news broadcast, in addition to accessing the Google News Program, you must have an AMP page, otherwise you cannot be displayed on the page.The same is true of AMP story.Therefore, just use AMP, you can enter the top of the page that has never been open to your open page.Yes, you can raise keyword rankings without any links.

These are not the only way to increase the visibility of page visibility, but these are some more influential changes to the website to increase your keyword rankings without creating links to this keyword page.In short: Yes, for specific keywords without links, you can make better rankings for websites, but if this keyword is in a highly competitive environment, there is no link without links for a long time.