Begin Theme Side Bar Date Format Modification

May wants to make a small revision, but when I see the PHP, I have a special headache. I haven’t found the answer on the Internet. I can only find a way to solve it.

May doesn’t like the date display format of the Begin theme sidebar, as shown below:

The format of the above date is m / d, if the article is particularly much, the user is completely unclear whether these articles are new or outdated.May feels that it is necessary to add a year to find a solution for more than one hour.If you are also using the Begin theme, please follow the operations I will follow: htdocs / wp-content / themes / begin / inc / widgets.php:

Replace all Php the_time inside widgets.php?> All: Php the_time ('d / m / y')?>, The effect picture is as follows:

Or you can make changes according to your preferences.

Date format date Show y year N month J day November 6, 2018 Y-M-D2018-11-06M / D / Y11 / 06 / 2018D / M / Y06 / 11/2018