Basic knowledge you have to know before website construction

one. Domain name basic knowledge II. What is URL? 3. What is website space? 4. How to choose the station program? 5. What is FTP? Six. What is http? content

This article is to understand some basic knowledge before the construction of the website, and help everyone will clarify some ideas of website construction.

one. Domain name basic knowledge

IP address

Before you understand the domain name, we must first understand what is an IP address. The IP address is the digital address of the Identification site on the website, and each IP has uniqueness.

2. Domain name

2.1. What is the domain name?

Since the IP address is a digital identifier, it is difficult to remember and writing, so on the IP address, a symbolized address scheme is developed to replace the digital IP address so that it is easy to access. This characteristic address corresponding to the digital IP address on the network is called a domain name; a complete domain name consists of two or more than two parts, and the parties are separated by English. ” Such as:,,, etc., you need to register for purchase, such as Wannet, New Net, Godaddy, etc., the domain name is equivalent to a family house number, others can easily find this number. You, the domain name of each website throughout the Internet is unique;

2.2. What is a subdomain?

The subdomain name is also a domain name. It is part of a larger domain name, such as:,, is a subdomain name of

2.3. What is a naked domain name?

The naked domain name means a domain address that does not have a “WWW” prefix. Such as:

3. Domain name analysis: DNS

The domain name and IP address are one-to-one or more side; the domain name resolution is the conversion process of the domain name to IP address, using domain names instead of IP address identity site address; domain name resolution is done by DNS server; when purchasing domain names, some Domain Name Service Chamber will help our domain name resolution, no longer need us to go to parsing.

4. What is the common domain suffix?





5. How to choose a domain name?

You cannot use domain names that have been punished by search engines or discarded by others, because these domain names may have been done SEO. Due to various reasons or cheats, the search engine “into the cold palace” is finally discarded. If you use this domain name to register, even if your website is very good, but because the search engine has remembered this bad domain name, it will not give your website very well ranking.

II. What is URL?

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Uniform Resource Locator, each with a unique URL address in the Internet; absolute URL: The full path to the file, such as: https: // Relative URL: To include the URL itself, describe the location of the target folder, such as /building/base-knowledge.html detailed URL, please see the diagram:

3. What is website space?

Website space is the “virtual host” we often say, it is a number of units that are divided from the server, each unit is a virtual host account; you can understand that the server is a big house, the virtual host is the major house Room. General Small Website Webmaster or Blog Bo Lord does not choose a server, but a unit on the server; simply, the website space is where the content of our website is stored; the requirements for space selection of the website:

1. The speed of speed;

2. Time stability.

4. How to choose the station program?

B2B small businesses, or personal blogs like May, recommend WordPress building, WordPress is easy to pick; even if you don’t understand the code, you can design a beautiful page. B2C small business, want to build a separate online store, Shopify is a good choice. Shopify is a shopping cart system in SaaS. It is suitable for cross-border e-commerce to establish a separate station. It only needs to pay a certain fee, you can use a variety of topics, template, and App to build your online store.

5. What is FTP?

FTP (File Trannsfer Protocol) Text Transfer Protocol, using FTP to upload files to web servers, such as our site program, web file, etc. to upload to servers via FTP.

Six. What is http?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Hypertext Transfer Protocol.”Hypertext document” is usually just an HTML page, but this protocol can actually be used to transfer any other files that may be needed by the page.HTTP is a simple request and response protocol.The working principle is as follows: Each time you enter a URL in your browser’s address bar, the browser will use HTTP to request the corresponding resources to the server.If the server finds this resource, it will return it to the browser, displayed by the browser; if the server can’t find it, the 404 error is displayed.

If you need to open https in the whole station, please refer to the article “Open the full station https full operation version” with Alibaba Cloud CDN.

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