Baota Panel SSL certificate expires, how to restart https

Step 1. Download the newly applied SSL certificate Step 2. Red Deploy the new SSL certificate Step 3. CDN HTTPS Configuration STEP 4. Restart Tower Panel Nginx Directory

At 8 o’clock last night, May SEO blog yet lost. The reason is that the SSL certificate expires. Weird, I have applied for a new SSL certificate in one month, why will I have expired? It turned out to be: 1. The SSL certificate on the panel panel has not been updated, and the old version of the certificate is still displayed; 2. Configure or the old version of the SSL certificate on the CDN. This article sharing the treasure panel SSL certificate expiration, how to restart https?

STEP 1. Download the newly applied SSL certificate

1. About how to apply to a free SSL certificate, recommend reading “HTTPS configuration (with Alibaba Cloud CDN opens the full station https full operations)” article in the fourth step in the article.

2. Download the SSL certificate from the application.

Step 2. Redeement the new SSL certificate

Pagoda Panel – Website – Set – SSL

1. Remove the old SSL certificate.

2. Paste the secret key (key) and certificate (PEM format) of the new SSL certificate and save it.

Step 3. CDN HTTPS configuration

Select the corresponding new SSL certificate in the CDN Control Panel HTTPS configuration. With different service providers’ cdn, the configuration method will be slightly different. Please configure it according to the reference to its official documentation.

Step 4. Restart Tower Panel Nginx

Wait a moment, if the site is still not open, remember to clean up the browser cookie.

The above is the Bao Tower panel SSL certificate expiration, restarting the operating steps of HTTPS.