Baidu snapshots do not update (reasons and solutions)

I. The website is hanging. The server is stable. The long-term content of the website is not updated. The website content is repeated, the quality is low. Frequently modify the website title 6. The website’s revision is more than 7. The review period of the new website

Do Baidu SEO, we will always worry about these things:

Baidu does not include the website content Baidu snapshots do not update the website rankings don’t go …

Today, May, Baidu snapshot, Baidu snapshot everyone is not stranger, is the cache data in the search engine database, if Baidu snapshot display is consistent with us recently updated on the website, explaining Baidu spiders often visit our website. This is very advantageous for our website page.

Below we talk about Baidu snapshots that do not update the reasons and suggestions for solutions:

1. The website is hanging horse

Cause: One is a loophole of the program; one is that the server intrusion causes the website to be infiltrated. Sometimes the website that is hanged will sometimes have a decline or a snapshot.

Suggest: Once you find that you are hanging horse, you should delete the Trojan link in the website, modify the FTP username and password, modify the username and password of the website background, find out other hidden dangers and modify, finally submit to Baidu webmaster platform.

2. Server is stable

Cause: The server or space is unstable, which will affect Baidu snapshots. If Baidu Spider Baidu Spider is visiting your website, this time your website can’t open, don’t catch new page information at all, will Baidu snapshots will be updated?

Recommendation: Check if your server or space has problems and resolved, it is not, it is recommended to replace the server or space.

3. The long-term content of the website is not updated

Cause: When Baidu spider came to grab it once, second, three times … Nothing found that there is an update content, Baidu spider will not come next time, so stop Baidu snapshot update.

Recommendation: Website webmaster should maintain a good article update habit, insist on updating, it is best to form a frequency when updating.

IV. Website content is repeated, low quality

Reason: Some webmasters will collect the contents of other websites in the early days of the website, which will result in extreme repetition rate of the website, Baidu spiders all tired, is it possible to grab the content on your website, not crawling Can’t talk about the snapshot update.

Suggestion: The content of the website is best. I have the principle of “writing abuse me thousands of times, I will write such as the first love”. If some people write the original innovation, pseudo-origin is better than those of the full COPY others.

5. Frequently modified website title

Reason: We know that the title is an important role in SEO optimization. Once you are determined, try not to change. Whether it is a new station or an old station, don’t excessively modify the title title, which will cause Baidu spider to re-judge your website.

Suggestion: For title, it is determined to release it; generally new station is online, try not to modify the website title as much as possible.

Six. The revision of the website is large

Cause: The website has changed a slow-moving situation in Baidu snapshot.

Recommendation: The website should be submitted to the Baidu webmaster when the website is revised so that Baidu snapshot is updated to the latest version.

7. The review period of the new website

Reason: At present, there are more and more grunge stations in the Internet, and Baidu also takes more time to review a new station. When the new station passes the Baidu review, everything will appear normal.

Recommendation: High quality original articles, high quality outer chains, do not cheat, have a stable spending Baidu review period.

Finally, give you a method. If you are optimized in SEO, you can find Baidu snapshots when you don’t update your Baidu snapshot, then observe whether Baidu snapshot is updated:

STEP 1. Site: URL

Enter “Site:” in Baidu search box, replace it with your own URL. Home To update Baidu snapshot, you need to include the Baidu spider and indexed it, so you will use the site instruction.

Step 2. Get Baidu snapshot link

Baidu snapshots have changed because of lag, usually after the content changes, but web snapshots have not been updated, check which web snapshot is not updated, click “Baidu Snapshot” below the page, right key “copy link address”, as shown below:

STEP 3. Baidu snapshot complaint

Open, Baidu snapshot complaint

Fill in the Baidu snapshot link that has just been copied, and leave your own contact email. Check if Baidu snapshot has been updated after a while. May has submitted, submitted in the afternoon, when viewed the next morning, the snapshot has been updated.

Summary: When our Baidu snapshot is not updated, you must carefully analyze what is caused. After finding the reason, you will continue to update quality content to accelerate our Baidu snapshot update; or directly take a relatively simple and rude approach to carry out Baidu snapshot complaints.

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