Baidu only encloses the home page how to do

I. Stability of the server or space of the website. III. Website domain history three. The website is the new station. Website structure 5. Robots.txt banned six. Website is black seven. Optimize cheating 8. Low quality content / low quality Chain 9. illegal friend love links 10. Analyze the website log catalog

Have you ever encountered, a new website has been a long time, or even a few months, Baidu only includes the home page What should I do? Every day you may hang a heart, one day, the home page is also disappeared, is all the efforts? Let’s take a slow analysis: Baidu only includes the home page What should I do?

Baidu only encloses the home page how to do

I. Stability of the website server or space

Servers or spaces belonging to the hardware, unstable or frequent drop lines of the website, which is easy to cause the search engine spider or user visits to visit the website. This experience is very unfriendly.

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II. Website Domain History

Inquiries in domain name history have always been a problem that many webmasters are most easily ignored during domain registration. The website is not included or only the home page, querying whether the domain name is illegally used by others, and the search engine is added to the blacklist. Once the domain name is discovered by others, the best processing method is to replace the domain name.

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III. The website is a new station

For new stations, the search engine will experience an audit period. If it is a domestic website, it is recommended to file, you can apply for the “new station protection” of Baidu search resource platform. For two months of Baidu, speed up the website.

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IV. Website structure

If the structure design of the site is unreasonable, it will also affect the website’s income. for example:

1. Contains a lot of flash, javaScript, etc .;

2. Click the distance from the home page to the home page, as much as possible in 1 ~ 2 clicks, do not exceed 3 times;

3. Whether the URL address is standardized, whether the dynamic parameters are included, let the search engine spider crawled difficult; or let the spider fall into the link cycle, can’t come out.

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5. Robots.txt banned

Check if the website’s Robots protocol has banned Baidu search engine spider, if yes, modify Robots.txt allows search engine spiders to capture, and then go to Baidu search resource platform to reconize Robots.txt.

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6. The website is black

The website is black, there is no timely handling, leading to the power of the website, leaving only the top page.

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7. Optimize cheating

The keywords in the website, hidden links, use bridges and other various cheating methods, are included in the search engine, resulting in only the home page.

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8. Low quality content / low quality outer chain

Most of the content of the website is collected or mirrored from other people’s websites, low content quality, resulting in only the home page.

A lot of low quality, unrelated to the outside chain points to our website, can’t get the trust of search engines, causing only the home page.

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Nine. illegal friend love links

The other party’s website is denied by K, which leads to our website to receive it, only the home page is included.

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Ten. Analyze the website log

The analysis website log is an important part of the inspection website problem. Check if there is a large number of dead chains or spiders crawling difficulties, and cannot access the website normally, eventually leading to the home page.

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The above is the MAY summary of Baidu only records the home page and how to properly process.