Baidu index (how to view it correctly)

1. What is the site index? II. How to use the index meter? Third. Use instructions and common problem directories

May believes that the index has always been the focus of the webmates, how to correctly view the Baidu index of the website?

1. What is the site index?

1. The index is that the site corresponding domain name is recorded by the search engine, including a sub-chain.

2. How many pages in the site use as search candidates, which is the index of a page.

3. Site Content Page requires the capture of the search engine and after the layer filtering, it can be displayed in the search results to the user.

4. The value of the current Site instruction is the estimated value of the index, and it is not acceptable. Baidu official also proposed: Recommended webmasters use Baidu webmaster platform to view the number of websites.

II. How to use the index meter?

STEP 1. Log in to Baidu webmaster platform;

Step 2. Data Monitoring – Index, you can check the index amount of the website.

Three. Use instructions and common problems

Mode: The webmaster can collect the site through the Site query site.

Positive: The index amount data is subject to the Baidu webworks, and the site is only estimated. Mistle: The amount of index increases, the traffic will be more; the amount of index is reduced, the traffic is dangerous.

Positive: Index quantities are multiple levels, and enter the upper index library to have more opportunities to meet the search users; enter the next labeling opportunity. Therefore, the increase in the overall increase in the index does not explain what changes will change. Mistake: The webmaster should check the index data daily and find feedback from the expected changes.

Positive: When the flow rate changes, the index amount of data can be used as one of the channels of the reasons, and the rest is not necessary to pay attention. Mistake: The amount of index can only increase.

Positive: The index is floating up and down 10%, and even more, it may belong to normal. As long as the traffic changes, it is not tight.

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