504 Causes of Gateway Timeout and how to solve it?

What is 504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT? 504 Gateway Timeout What are the common problems? How to solve 504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT? content

Each of us encountered at least several 504 Gateway Timeout (504 gateway timeout) when visiting the website, and there are too many reasons to cause such errors. May SEO blogs share 504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT reasons and how solve?


504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT is one of the HTTP status codes, indicating that the web server that tries to load the page does not respond promptly from another server requesting information.

Website designers can customize the appearance of the 504 error page. Therefore, you may see a 504 page different from the different sites. For example, you may see the following:

1. Gateway Timeout Error

2. Http 504

3. Gateway Timeout (504)

4. 504 Gateway Timeout

5. 504 error

6. http error 504 – Gateway Timeout


504 Gateway Timeout What are the common problems?

1. Browser error: This error occurs when there is some error in the browser configuration or setting

2. DNS error: The DNS configuration of the domain may cause an error when accessing the domain

3. Network Problem: The network connection between the agent and the web server can lead to delayed response

4. Web server speed: Lower web server performance may cause gateway timeout

5. Firewall configuration error: The firewall rule is incorrect may be 504 error

How to solve 504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT?

Refresh page

Solve the first step in the 504 Gateway Timeout error is to click Refine / Reload button, press F5 or try to enter the URL from the address bar again, retry the web page. May be a server

The requested request is more than usual, and there is a short 504 Gateway Timeout.

2. Restart all equipment

The temporary problem of modem, router, switches, or other network hardware may lead to 504 Gateway Timeout you see. Try restarting these devices may help you.

3. Check the proxy server settings

Check the proxy server settings in your browser or application and make sure they are correct. Incorrect proxy settings can cause 504 Gateway Timeout errors.

4. Change the DNS server

Change DNS servers, especially all devices on the network encountered the same error. The 504 Gateway Timeout error you see is probably caused by the DNS server problem that you happen happen.

5. Repair the wrong firewall configuration

The firewall is the protector of the website. It protects your site from attacks and malicious visits. That is, the firewall on your server may encounter some errors, configured incorrectly or some rules prevent the correct establishment of the connection, etc., can cause 504 Gateway Timeout errors.

6. Contact your server provider

In some cases, try contact with your server provider. This can find problems more quickly.

7. Try to access the site later

If all all other methods fails, the last choice is to try to access the site later. If you try all the skills below, then this is the only unique solution.

504 Gateway Timeout is closely related to server-side errors, closely related to other server-side errors (such as HTTP500 internal server errors, 502 Bad Gateway, and 503 Service Unavailable, etc.). There are also several client HTTP status code, such as common 404 Not found errors, 403 Forbidden errors, etc.

As you can see, you can try to solve the 504 Gateway Timeout through the above method. The above is for reference only!