301 Redirection in the SEO website

1. What is 301 redirection? II. 301 Redirect the use of the SEO website. 301 Redirect the impact on the SEO website? IV. Method directory of 301 redirection in SEO construction site

For non-technical personnel, 301 redirects will be a little strange. Here, we will discuss what is 301 redirection? And use in the SEO website, and how we treat it correctly.

1. What is 301 redirection?

301 Redirect, also called 301 jump, and jumps to a new address to ensure the normal access of the user.

II. 301 Redirect the use in the SEO website

1. Generally, the website allows users to access the WWW or WWW URLs, such as: www.example.com and eXample.com These two URLs are pointing to the same page. For users, these two URLs There is no difference; but for search engines, this is two different URLs, and even two duplicate pages will have different included and ranking, which causes dispersion of weights and traffic. The most reasonable method is to determine the preferred domain, redirect the non-preferred domain directly 301 to the specified domain, such as the preample.com, jumps www.example.com to Example.com. This is also an important job we have to do in the early days of the SEO website.

2. Website updates or revisions, a web page or folder causes a change in the URL link due to an update or revision, which causes the original link to the dead chain. For the user and search engine browsing experience, the old URL directly 301 can be redirected to the new URL. This is also often encountered during the SEO construction station.

3. Because the program setup error, a plurality of URLs correspond to the same page, and 301 redirects can effectively focus on the website weight.

4. Website domain names have changed, this time you need SEO site staff to redirect the domain name directly 301 to a new domain name, which can effectively reduce weight or traffic loss.

III. 301 Redirecting the impact on the SEO website?

1. 301 redirect to transfer site weight

Each website or page passes through time and page quality precipitation will accumulate a certain weight, redirect the A website 301 to the B web page, you can gradually flow in the B web page, while the traffic of the web page is also Will transfer to the B web page.

2. Keep the old link

During the SEO website, due to the changes of the page or file, the original link will invalid, especially the link, but also in the inner chain or external chain, it will be particularly difficult. The best way is to fail. Link 301 redirects to a new link, automatically jumps to new links when the user or search engine spider accesss the original failure link.

3. Browse the experience

The 301 redirection is reasonably used in the SEO website, which greatly enhances the browsing experience, which will get more and more love for users or search engines.

IV. Method for implementing 301 redirection in SEO construction station

How to implement it for 301 redirection? This article can be referred to “3 ways to implement 301 jump / 301 redirection”.

The above is the use of 301 redirection in the SEO website. Do you learn?

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