2019 Baidu Snapshot Date View Method

Baidu snapshot date View is our SEO optimized personnel need often pays attention to the important reference indicators of judging the crawling frequency of spiders.You can learn about the relationship between the website and the search engine through the snapshot date query.This article shared the query method of the 2019 Baidu snapshot date.

STEP 1. Baidu search a keyword

The following is to search for “Baidu snapshot” as an example, as follows:

Step 2. Click on the “Baidu Snapshot” in the lower right below.

STEP 3. View Baidu snapshot time

But sometimes it will encounter a situation, just after reaching the snapshot page, you can’t see the Baidu snapshot date, as follows:

How can I find the Baidu snapshot date?In fact, the easiest way is to pass the source code of the snapshot page, as follows:

Snapshot page ¡ú Right click on “View Source Code” or Direct Shortcut Ctrl + U ¡ú Shortcut Ctrl + F, find “Snapshot”, you can see Baidu snapshot dates.

The above is the Baidu snapshot date view method.If you would like more knowledge about Baidu SEO optimization, please pay attention to May’s SEO blog Ó´ ~

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