10 WordPress Picture Optimization Plugins Increase Page Speed

Picture Optimization Plug-in 1. Imagify Image Optimizer 2. Shortpixel Image Optimizer Picture Optimizer 3. EWWW Image Optimizer Picture Optimization Plugin 4. ResMush.it Picture Optimization Plugin 5. Smush Image Optimization Plug-in 6. Optimole Image Optimization Plugin 7. Tinypng Picture Optimization Plugin 8. WP Compress Picture Optimization Plugin 9. Optimus Image Optimization Plugin 10. IMSANITY

Many times, the picture is part of the page size, which means optimizing them can greatly improve your website speed. Given the importance of page speed on search rankings and user experience, on the WordPress website, the picture optimization plugin can quickly and consistently optimize the picture size to increase the page speed.

Picture Optimization Plugin 1. Imagify

The IMAGIFY WordPress plugin is a powerful tool that optimizes the WordPress website image, which may help reduce loading time and improve the overall performance of the website.

IMAGIFY features include:

1. Support WEBP, PDF, GIF, JPG and PNG

2. Automatic adjustment size and optimization when uploading

3. Compression of different levels

4. Backup original picture

5. Batch optimization of the entire media library

6. Provide free (limited) and payment

Picture Optimization Plugin 2. Shortpixel Image Optimizer

Shortpixel is another popular WordPress image optimized plugin with more than 300,000 users.

Its main features are:

1. Three different levels of compression

2. Automatic optimization new picture

3. Support WEBP, PNG, JPG, GIF, AVID, and PDF

4. Work in the background

5. Storage original image file

6. Provide free versions (maximum optimized 100 pictures) and paid versions

Picture Optimization Plugin 3. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWW Image Optimizer is a lightweight plugin with nearly one million active users.

EWWW Image Optimizer’s outstanding features include:

1. Support the most popular picture format, such as JPG, PNG, and PDF

2. Delayed loading and converts to WEBP format

3. Add a missing dimension to the picture (one of the contents of the PSI tool evaluation)

4. Batch picture optimization

5. Keep the original picture

6. The size of the image file to be compressed is not limited

7 provides free and advanced versions

Picture Optimization Plugin 4. Resmush.it

If you are looking for a free WordPress image optimization plugin, resmush.it may be your nice choice.

Some features you need to understand include:

1. Support the most popular picture format, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF

2. Batch picture optimization

3. Upload picture optimization

4. Applicable only to 5MB of pictures

5. Create a copy of the original picture

6. There is a slider that allows you to accurately adjust the compression level

Picture Optimization Plugin 5. SMUSH

Smush is one of the most popular pictures of WordPress, more than 1 million active installations.

It has a beautiful interface that the most important features include:

1. Delayed loading picture

2. Good presentation picture compression results

3. Optimization (lossy and lossless) different levels

4. Delay loading

5. Provide free (1MB below 1MB) and a professional version

Picture Optimization Plugin 6. Optimole

Optimole is a picture optimized plugin that helps you get rid of all the huge pictures, which speeds up your website or blog.

It compresses JPEG and PNG files while maintaining its quality, so your visitors can enjoy faster load time and better browsing experiences.

Its main features include:

1. User-friendly simple interface

2. 4 compression levels (automatic, high, medium, low)

3. Support Retina and WEBP

4. Delay loading

5. Use the free CDN

6. Provide free and paid versions

Picture Optimization Plugin 7. Tinypng

As the name suggests, TinyPNG plug-in is designed to optimize two most popular picture formats, namely JPEG and PNG.

The main features include:

1. Batch Optimization of all images in the library

2. Image upload automatic optimization

3. You can set the required width or height of upload images

4. No picture size file limit

5. Using an API key for multiple sites

Picture Optimization Plugin 8. WP Compress

In addition to providing the most popular picture optimization, WP Compress also has a range of other features, including customer report, remote configuration, monthly customer quota.

Some standard WP compression features include:

1. One-button batch optimization 2. Delay loading

3. Conversion format, such as webp

4. Rapid mix cdn

5. Provide free and paid versions

Picture Optimization Plugin 9. Optimus

Optimus is a WordPress image optimization plugin that provides image intelligence optimization and claims to reduce image files up to 70%.

Optimus’s prominent features include:

1. Batch Optimization All Existing Pictures

2. Automatic optimization picture at upload

3. Support Retina

4. Working with WooCommerce

5. Provide free and advanced versions

Picture Optimization Plugin 10. IMSANITY

IMSANITY is a small brilliant WordPress image optimized plugin, which provides a simple interface and basic optimization features, such as:

1. Automatic optimization picture when uploading

2. You can choose JPG image quality

3. Delete or retain the possibility of original images

4. Batch picture optimization

With these pictures Optimized plugins, we manually adjust the days of adjusting the optimized picture in Photoshop or other mapping software will be returned. Of course, we can’t use multiple pictures to optimize plugins simultaneously, which may cause some bad problems. Therefore, we should treat and use the WordPress image to optimize the plugin!