10 best free WordPress SEO tools and plugins (available for Google SEO)

1. Yoast SEO 2. W3 Total Cache 3. Google Analytics 4. Google Keyword Planner 5. Google Search Console 6. Google Page Speed 7. Keyword Position Checker Tool 8. Broken Link Checker 9. BuzzSumo 10. OpenLinkProfiler directory

In order to get a higher search engine rankings, search engine optimization is essential. This is why it is very important for the correct WordPress SEO tools and plugins. In this article, I will share 10 best free WordPress SEO tools and plugins, which will help improve the SEO status of the WordPress website. All of these tools and plugins are free, so you can get good rankings on Google without spending money.

10 best free WordPress SEO tools and plugins

Before SEO, content is always (and always) is more important than anything. You can get a high ranking on Google or other search engines only when your content is pleasant. For boring content, you can only expect to give up.

The plugins and tools listed below can help you improve SEO and search engine rankings, but also help you write a victorious article.

10 best free WordPress SEO tools and plugins:

Yoast SEO

WordPress SEO Tools or Plugin: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best plugin that fully optimizes the WordPress website. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins, and the active installation is more than 1 million.

It allows you to do the following:

Generate an XML Site Map – Enable the XML website map feature, Yoast SEO will automatically create an XML website map.

Edit Robots.txt and .htaccess files – You can easily edit two of the most important files.

Page Analysis – This feature helps you optimize your work and suggests that you should make changes to your article / blog article more suitable for your search engine.

Edit Code Segment – You can write a custom title, meta-description, and you can target any keywords you need for each post and page.

In fact, I just list the four main functions of this amazing plug-in, YoAst plugins have more features. If you are an initiator, Yoast SEO is the best solution. The plugin is free and you can install Yoast SEO from the WordPress plugin.

2. W3 Total Cache

WordPress SEO Tools or Plugin: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a free WordPress plugin that improves server performance and user experience. It also makes the page faster.

main feature :

Transparent Content Delivery Network (CDN) management with media libraries, theme files and WordPress itself

Pages and posts in memory or disks or CDNs (reduced and compressed) (mirror only)

Non-blocking JavaScript embedded

Will be summarized (site, category, label, comment, search results) cache in memory or disk or cDN (mirror only)

W3 Total Cache reduces page loading time and minimizes JavaScript. W3 Total Cache is a very popular plugin with an active installation of more than 1 million. Recommended to plugins for each owner of the WordPress website.

3. Google Analytics

WordPress SEO Tools or Plugin: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google to help you track the traffic of your site. Now, it has become one of the most widely used Analytics services for website owners. You can also track sales activities and performance of e-commerce websites. There are many Google Analytics plugins suitable for WordPress users.

Google Analytics also applies to mobile users, you can download from Google Play Stores or Apple App Store. It has a very advanced and useful feature, such as a page of real-time traffic analysis, user behavior, and poor recognition effect.

4. Google Keyword Planner

WordPress SEO Tools or Plug-in: Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a very valuable free tool, anyone can use it. Keyword planners can also help you select powerful keywords for articles. After setting up the Google AdWords account, you can search for keywords and ad group prompts. You can also get the search volume of the keyword list. Google AdWords Keyword Planner Displays the average monthly search quantity of keywords (last 12 months). 5. Google Search Console

WordPress SEO Tools or Plug-in: Google Search Console

With this free service, you can monitor and maintain your site in Google search results. You can submit site map so that Google can access your content and optimize your site in search results.

Google provides a very important service that makes sure your website is visible in search results. Google Search Console (previously known as Google Website Administrator Tool) enables website administrators to check and prepare index status of their website. With this service, you can block the contents of the website that you don’t want to display in the search results.

Google Search Console also recommends how you improve your website in search results. If you don’t use this service, it is a loss for you.

6. Google Page Speed

WordPress SEO Tools or Plugin: Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed ??Insights is another free Google tool that helps you test the speed of each page of your site. Page speed is important because it is now one of the main search engine rankings. No one will like your website because it is very slow, so it is important to improve the loading speed of the web page.

To increase the page speed, Google Page Speed ??Insight is a final solution, because after analyzing the content of the web page, it will generate some suggestions to make the page faster.

7. Keyword Position Checker Tool

WordPress SEO Tools or Plug-in: Keyword Position Checker Tool

Keyword Position Checker Tool is a great free online tool that helps users check keywords in Google search results. This is the easiest tool, completely free, can produce accurate results. If you can’t afford any payment service to check the location of the keyword, even if I use this tool is also the best solution.

8. Broken Link Checker

WordPress SEO Tools or Plug-in: Broken Link Checker

The plugin notifies you the disconnected link you need to fix. The link breaks the SEO of your website and will lead to a bad user experience.

It is very necessary to check and fix the disconnected link. For this purpose, “Disconnect the Link Checker” may be a very useful plugin. It is free, very easy to use. Disconnected Link Checkers help you find all external and internal disconnected links. Sometimes this plugin may reduce the speed of the server. If you encounter this problem, you can use online resources to check the blog damage link.

9. Buzzsumo

WordPress SEO Tools or Plugin: Buzzsumo

If you want to know how much sharing of the subject’s content or the subject, Buzzsumo needs to be used. Buzzsumo is one of the most important tools you should use. Buzzsumo shows the most shared content on any topics you choose. You can understand your competitors and how much share they have in social media.

BuzzSumo Free has limitations, but you can start free 14-day trial in the Pro plan and do not need payment details.

When and why use buzzsumo?

Release the blog article before and after. I use buzzsumo just to understand the total share of competitors and their share.

10. OpenLinkProfiler

WordPress SEO Tools or Plugin: OpenLinkProfiler

The reverse link has its own importance in SEO. High quality links can improve the value of the website, and the wrong link may reduce the overall ranking of the website. OpenLinkProfiler is one of the best free SEO tools to help you analyze the reverse link to your website. OpenLinkProfiler is the service of Seoprofiler. Each website can export 1,000 reverse links in the .csv format.

OpenLinkProfiler provides accurate information.To use this tool, you can create a free account.This free account allows you to check the reverse link of the required quantity website.The “10 Best Free WordPress SEO Tools and Plugs listed above” can help you improve the SEO of the WordPress website.Everything is important for getting high rankings!